#171519  by aroma
 Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:09 am
Well had a moment of madness and ordered the 190 watt kit from Sunny tech a month or so ago :D, way too big in hindsight :shock:

I was advised to go for larger wires as having about a 7 meter run from the panel to the controller due to not being able to drop down the side the battery lives on
Have removed the UK Tv aerial put an ali patch over that and used the existing hole to run the wires thru, I hate drilling extra holes.
after talking to a few people and looking at what others have done on here I got all carried away, (not normally like that) and using wet and dry sanded 95% of the paint off the roof before using the adhesive to stick everything down ,as the kit didn't arrive with the adhesive I bought some HSE adhesive.
the wires are running thru the roof along the top of a locker down the heater vent box thru thru the floor, thru the chassis under the van and coming up very close to the MPPT controller under the front seat less that a meter from the furthest battery post and fitting a in the locker so If it blows I can replace it without needing a ladder, (better by a spare fuse)and a fuse between the battery and controller

The question in my mind is still should I put a couple of screws into the roof as well as the HSE as it appears there is a piece of timber in the roof that could stiffen/ secure everything up .

Will post a couple more pics later once I have finished the wiring and hooked up the battery via the isolation switch I installed a while back.
Am I correct in running the motor movers directly off the battery and not thru the MPPT controller
solar panel 10.jpg
solar panel 8.jpg
solar panel 6.jpg
solar panel 5.jpg
solar panel 3.jpg
 #171520  by Neddy
 Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:45 am
"Got 190 watt kit from SunnyTech - way too big in hindsight"
Not at all! If (when?) you want to fit a bit more, that controller could easily handle another 60 Watts or so.

"Should I put a couple of screws into the roof as well as the HSE as it appears there is a piece of timber in the roof that could stiffen/ secure everything up."
There is no real need, but I would.

Re Siting of components. It is important to have the Solar controller close to the battery (rather than to the solar panels). Your setup should work well.

"Am I correct in running the motor movers directly off the battery and not thru the MPPT controller?"
Yes. Unlike your battery terminals, the controller "Load" terminals are limited to 20 Amps. I think your motor movers stand to draw more than that on occasion. Yes?
 #171532  by aroma
 Sun Mar 21, 2021 3:53 pm
like your thinking on size :D
will put a couple of screws into the mounting brackets later, too hot in the direct sun currently,

Have finished :o the install, famous last words
Running the wires under the van and back up inside, even remembered to run a wire for future accessory's before I finished, then found a large hole further forward I could of used and will have to cover up :roll:

hurpmh that's another 2 project's install a fuse box and cover the hole.

carefully cut the wires, measured twice and connected to the controller and then to Battery , not 100% happy with the controller to battery neg wire will get a larger dia one this week , installed the fuse temporarily on the roof , turned on the circuit breaker and watched for smoke escaping from the wires or controller, none seen so far :D and yes everything works, those eagle eyes on here will spot the oops in the photo below

But what I am struggling with is running the load wire via the isolation switch, drawing's or picture's welcome , there is a "master" switch on the main switch panel do I need to have a 2nd isolation switch by the controller? or am I OTT

Have found I am missing the driving instructions for the controller so hope the controller will keep everything under control till I get here next time, or I google it later
solar panel 14.jpg
solar panel 13.jpg
solar panel 12.jpg
 #171540  by Karmann57
 Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:46 pm
The load terminals on the controller are not normally used. Just run all your load circuits directly off the battery and you will be fine. You should also instal a shunt based monitor to keep track of amps into and out of the battery, search for "cheap battery monitor" on this site.
 #171544  by Neddy
 Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:35 pm
Here is a wiring diagram for the usual basic setup.
There is no need to fit a switch or a circuit breaker in the solar panel wiring. You don't need a fuse either (especially one on the roof!)
Neither do you need a switch on the controller output. A fuse is required though, sited as near to the battery as is practicable.
Now would be a good time to install a battery monitor - even if all you do is fit the Shunt.

 #171552  by Derb
 Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:10 am
Hi Boss. There is no such animal as “too much solar”😁. 150 to 200 is “adequate” depending on loads.
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