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 #156862  by Graeme Mellow
 Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:28 am
I own a 2017 Rangefinder Nebula and have just returned home from a four month overseas holiday to learn that these caravans apparently have a water tightness issue around sealing or lack of on the plastic wheel tubs. I learnt of this by word of mouth, not from contact via warranty and made inquiries and have been advised to take my van to a dealer to have the tubs removed and inspected.
The dealer/ repairer advised that they have done many of these and are becoming quite proficient at it, I also talked to a staff member who advised that in some cases the damage is considerable, especially to the floor!
I will certainly be taking the opportunity to get mine checked especially as it is being offered under the warranty luckily. Hopefully because we have been away the last two winters and the van is kept under cover it’s OK.
Curious to hear from others that have already under gone this process and what was discovered and if it went smoothly?
I did see on another forum a reference to an advertisement in the Timaru Herald from 22/3/18 but it is not longer on the web, can anyone elaborate?

Cheers from a slightly concerned Rangefinder owner.
 #158858  by bunny
 Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:55 pm
WHEEL TUB COVERS, where are they and what are they please !! Thanks
 #158903  by bunny
 Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:19 pm
thanks :D
 #158933  by Derb
 Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:20 am
That issue is not restricted to Bailey caravans. Would be one of the most common water-leaks in a caravan. The force of the water being thrown up by the tyres on a wet road would be similar to that of a fire-hose. Once under the carpet the water creeps for miles. We always check our van after driving in rain now after having that issue from new - even since the issue was sorted out. During winter months, bed is left elevated, cupboards and drawers left open and de-humidifier and heater run in van for a couple of days after every trip. Pulls a lot of moisture out of the soft furnishings even without leaks. Cheers.
 #159306  by Graeme Mellow
 Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:09 am
I have now had the wheel tub covers removed and the surrounding floor areas inspected and moisture tested and according to RV Mega my floor is perfectly fine which is what I expected. I am awaiting the email containing the full report so I can comment more.
I did question the service manager as to why Bailey does not appear to be contacting van owners to make them aware of the problem but I suspect he is in a conflicted situation and will keep his views to myself in all fairness to him.

If any of you out there have a Rangefinder I strongly suggest you get this check done. But, beware who you get to do it, I will explain.

I was lucky enough to bump into another nebula owner who had had his van done as well as get a shower lining fitted since his shower walls were deteriorating ( something else to be aware off!). I had a very good look at the reinstatement of the tubs and the sealing work done and was very impressed by RV Mega’s work. As I live between two Bailey agents I approached the Traillite service people first , their service manager had no idea about the recall and upon pushing asked the workshop manager who did luckily. But upon talking to him he stated they would just do a visual inspection and go from there - no immediate removal of the tubs! Having already spoken to service people at RV Mega I knew they pull the tubs out as part of the warranty work full stop!

So I went with them, a long and disorganised process as one hand simply doesn’t appear to know what the other is up to and they take months to answer emails. I think they are just too busy and aren’t sufficiently customer focused.

Any way I collected the van yesterday, made the fatal mistake of driving home with out inspecting the job but happy just to learn my floor wasn’t damaged and then looked at the quality of the work. It was nothing like the van I had previously inspected it was in fact worse incredibly enough. The application of sealant was so erratic there were large gaps and the surfaces did not appear to have been cleaned plus there was no sealant applied to the join along the chassis rail like I had seen on the other van. All in all very disappointed and have decided to jack it up, pull the wheels off and do a proper job of sealing it myself.

As I’d mentioned, I am just pleased to know my floors good and I can carry on from there. But never would I contemplate getting work done at this establishment again unless it was forced upon me by a warranty condition.
 #161281  by sambaman
 Wed Apr 22, 2020 4:44 pm
Hi Graeme and others.
The issue is not about water coming in from underneath while you are driving. The issue is that rain runs down the outside of the van and then enters the decorative molding above the wheel wells and then flows to the top surface of the wheel wells. When it is there, it simply flows into the caravan. Unfortunately Bailey did not use treated wood for the floor and the water runs right under the lino and soaks the wood. This is a very common issue from what I have heard.

In regards to the lack of comment from the person at RV Mega, that may be due to the fact that Bailey Australia closed its manufacturing and discontinued the Rangefinder line. They may make them in the UK, but the quality control issues were so bad they fired the first general manager/ceo, and then when the guy that followed him could not sort things out they just closed the place. Bailey UK is apparently honoring the warranties, but it appears to be a case of slapping a bandaid on things and sending you on your way.

We have had many problems with our Rangefinder (might I also suggest checking underneath to see if your plumbing is falling away from the body and also check the bolts that are holding the van to the chassis). I could go on but too much to detail. Anyhow, RV Mega has done warranty work on our caravan twice now and it is going back a third time soon. We had mold on the floor from the leaks and instead of taking up all of the lino and woodwork, they simply cut around things, pulled lino out, sanded the floor and then cut lino back into the space. That meant that areas that had been soaked but were in tight areas never got the lino removed, never got dried and kept festering. When they returned the van to us we were initially happy until there was another water event and I needed to pull up lino to dry things out. That was when we discovered that they had just slapped a bandaid on it and that areas that were currently dry but that were wet from the initial problem, we moldy and rotten. So as you can well imagine we are not happy.

Please feel free to get into contact with me. We are not the only people who are having these problems. We are actually looking into legal action.

[email protected]
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