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 #156862  by Graeme Mellow
 Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:28 am
I own a 2017 Rangefinder Nebula and have just returned home from a four month overseas holiday to learn that these caravans apparently have a water tightness issue around sealing or lack of on the plastic wheel tubs. I learnt of this by word of mouth, not from contact via warranty and made inquiries and have been advised to take my van to a dealer to have the tubs removed and inspected.
The dealer/ repairer advised that they have done many of these and are becoming quite proficient at it, I also talked to a staff member who advised that in some cases the damage is considerable, especially to the floor!
I will certainly be taking the opportunity to get mine checked especially as it is being offered under the warranty luckily. Hopefully because we have been away the last two winters and the van is kept under cover it’s OK.
Curious to hear from others that have already under gone this process and what was discovered and if it went smoothly?
I did see on another forum a reference to an advertisement in the Timaru Herald from 22/3/18 but it is not longer on the web, can anyone elaborate?

Cheers from a slightly concerned Rangefinder owner.
 #158858  by bunny
 Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:55 pm
WHEEL TUB COVERS, where are they and what are they please !! Thanks
 #158933  by Derb
 Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:20 am
That issue is not restricted to Bailey caravans. Would be one of the most common water-leaks in a caravan. The force of the water being thrown up by the tyres on a wet road would be similar to that of a fire-hose. Once under the carpet the water creeps for miles. We always check our van after driving in rain now after having that issue from new - even since the issue was sorted out. During winter months, bed is left elevated, cupboards and drawers left open and de-humidifier and heater run in van for a couple of days after every trip. Pulls a lot of moisture out of the soft furnishings even without leaks. Cheers.
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