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 #173300  by Lacherie11
 Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:03 pm
I thought Id start a new post, as the other post on fulltime living is out of date.

Newbie here. Hubby and I are planning on going on the road full time come summer. We are in the process of subdiving our land (selling majority with house) and keeping a block as a base. We will build small to accommodate our return if/when we get tired of being out there.

Im looking for people who have or are doing full time living in a caravan/motorhome who are willing to share their experiences, good and bad. In my mind, id hope we could do 80/20 freedom camping/camp sites so minimise costs while living. Not sure if this is actually a reality - it seems alot of freedom camping sites are closing?

We are looking at purchasing a caravan and Ute to pull. What size would be suitable for comfort? We dont want to skimp if it means this is our permanant home for months on end. Pros and cons for caravan? Oh, and we will have 2 fur babies with us (staffys).

Thanks in advance, guys!
 #173320  by Derb
 Sat Jun 12, 2021 9:39 pm
Hi Fellas. After humping our van around since new purchase in 2014, were we to do it again I would not buy as large a van. Current van of 7.2 metres whilst great to live in is heavy! Fully loaded with water, full LPG bottles, annex, bikes on back and adequate food, clothes and beer the weight can easily get up to around 2.9 tonne thereabouts. Others I know with the same van type can get up around 3.5 tonne (which is what this van is rated to by the builder). Our Ute can tow this weight reasonable comfortably but you need to have your wits about you at all times. We would buy no bigger than 6.0 metres if we were to do it again for no other reasons that it would be lighter by around 400 kgs, be easier to manage in trying weather conditions whilst driving and Alison would be more comfortable doing the driving. Many free and CP sites do not accommodate longer vans comfortably. We also travel with 2 pooches. I would avoid vans requiring trundle tanks if living full time on the road. The two of us manage a week with 2 x 20 litre toilet cassettes and 172 litres or so of both fresh and grey tank size. We can dump from both sides of the van and this is very handy indeed. A diesel heater would be mandatory I would say. A modern Ute with canopy a must. Fit at least 600 watts solar - you “will” need it in full winter weather. We have 450 watts and it struggles to keep up in sustained bad weather. If parked up for longer periods, a 40 litre Fiamme or similar trundle tank and a couple of 20 litre fresh tote tanks are good for decanting off grey and refilling fresh whilst away on day trips to save running the van into town to dump. Forget about using a hair dryer unless you have a pretty fancy Lithium setup. Same again for toaster or jug. We carried these around for years and ended up leaving them at home and using gas. They are just cupboard wasters. Plenty of other good tipsters on this forum to fill in any gaps. Cheers.
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