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 #174289  by Clayman
 Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:38 pm
Hi all,

We are considering a motor home after renting one recently. We saw some at the rv centre in CHCH - a 6 berth mercedes or vw ex rental with a permanent bed in back and about 250k kms. Priced between 80-85k. They had 4 for sale at the yard. Something like this:
Our plan is to keep it for a couple of years, pack in lots of trips with the kids, then sell it. What we are struggling to ascertain is the annual depreciation on a vehicle like this in terms of resale. Also approx annual maintainance costs. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks very much in advance.
 #174306  by mattn
 Thu Jul 22, 2021 8:49 am
Speaking as someone who's youngest, now 13, had his first caravan trip at 3 months - just do it. The value of family trips far exceeds any depreciation and will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten.

I think its best to separate the 'house' from the chassis. Chassis is like your car - costs are the predictable CoF/Rego Insurance, along with typical tires/brakes/oil changes etc. Also you need to consider the (unlikely) event of a major mechanical could cost north of $10k, or a minor mechanicals at a few hundred.

House is not so easy to estimate. With our caravan, nearly every trip we have some maintenance task to do, we now keep a notepad, because some is so small you forget ( until you are on the next trip and a cupboard latch is not working...) Mostly something that costs a few dollars to a hundred - A few years ago, had a roof vent replaced with no change form $400 ($200 for the vent, 2x$100 for labour, I now have a failed solar panel needs replacing. Batteries are expensive and in an ex-rental, presume they need replacing, last 5-8 years (lithium are longer). Over the years you will probably want improvements which need budgeting for as well. probably a better way than thinking 'whats the cost' is set a budget, say $1000/year for maintenance, if you don't spend it, then go on another trip..

If your a DIY type, you can save a lot....

Depreciation is a crystal ball. With Covid, the industry has flooded the market with ex-rentals. Many have been snapped up by people unable to travel. When the borders open, maybe most of those will love it enough to keep the motorhome, maybe most will decide they prefer their holidays on the Gold Coast of Fiji and the market will be flooded with second hand ex rentals pushing the prices down. Maybe the industry will pick up, and the third tier operators will be 'buy buy buy' on the used market, as the industry will be unable to keep up with demand, pushing prices up. With that uncertainty, have a look on TM for simliar vans to the one you want to buy that are in the 300-350k km range and less than 10 years.
 #174355  by Holistic Palace
 Fri Jul 23, 2021 9:34 pm
Good on you getting a motorhome for your family..... making memories, cant beat it

Hard to say what depreciation is going to be, all depends on brand, layout & how well it is setup, storage & perhaps lots more
Its best to use your MH as much as possible & just enjoy it

We had an appraisal done for ours, for insurance purposes. The set agreement is valid for 5yrs
It was lower than what we thought (know) we would get for it if sold right now

When we had the motorhome in for a service earlier in the year, I spoke to the service fala, they sold a motorhome that the owner had for around 6yrs I think it was & lost 8k on it. Same brand as ours, similar layout
Another owner I personally know, same brand, same layout as ours, earlier model & got 40k more than the appraisal

I have to agree with what Matt has said about ex rentals flooding the market & the covid thing
There's a huge storage area along the motorway not far from the north bound onramp around Puhinui, before the cemetery. For many years, its usually packed full of rentals, sitting out winter till the busy season, then slowly sold off as business dropped off with closed borders.. was in the newspapers

Maintenance ? mechanical service around 6-8 hundy
In the last 2yrs, had all 6 tyres replaced @ $2600 only done 65000km but were 11yrs old.... 3 blowouts in 10 days, fridge serviced earlier in the year, replaced hot water heater & certified gas works, cost 4k
Next big thing will be replacement of house batteries @ $1400
We have had more than 2000 nights use out of our motorhome, so, not really complaining about wear & tear. Its just makes the pocket a lot lighter when it happens on holidays haha
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