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 #150118  by Nut17
 Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:39 pm
The handover successfully accomplished today - Both sides of the deal very happy.
IMG_4055 (2).JPG
IMG_4053 (2).JPG
Jim and Jenny happy as.
 #150121  by Romany Rambler
 Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:27 pm
Chris see it will still be towed by a Jeep.

Installed two 6v AGM batteries (260AH) in series in place of the two 12V Calcium batteries (100AH each) in parallel which have died.
Replaced the cheap Chinese PWM controller with a BN Series 30a MPPT controller with meter.
That should see us right for a few more years.

 #150486  by Andycap
 Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:02 am
Yesterday, made a new bracket and re-fixed my diesel heater pump at its correct angle for operation .Tried on 1/2 and 3/4 throttle for 1/2 hr ,works well .
As said on previous post (on heating) the exhaust pipe gets bloody hot and a heat shield is recommended in the Webasto manual,if your fuel pipe is close . Will make a cover for the pump next as i`d rather do it now than after the pump gets destroyed . Andy .
 #150827  by Waymad
 Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:22 pm
Test-fitted a custom jacking bracket to Baby Bailey. We're off on a North Island tour next month, and if we get a flat, none of my four mechanical screw bottle jacks are likely to fit under the chassis.
Answer: a beefed-up L bracket, fitted onto the existing AL-KO chassis which has as-manufactured 12mm holes at 55mm vertical centres just behind the wheels. Standard Bunnings 4.5mm stock bracket, with 12mm holes at 50mm centres is the starting point. The top of the L is about 15mm shy of the floor, right at the top of the chassis. Have to use existing AL-KO holes, drilling new ones is verboten....
Beefed up the bracket by welding two gussets - one each side of the L - to ensure it will take the strain. Plus a drill-mill extension of the bottom hole, to fit the 55mm centres. Neighbour has a MIG welder, drill mill, lathe and power as an aircraft engineer - useful.
Test-fitted to ensure all jacks work in the bracket, and that dimensions allow plenty of room for a 200mm square chunk of 50mm wood underneath (Sod's Law - the flat would happen on a soft shoulder, so a load-spreading pad has to be allowed for). All good.
Brackets off now for painting (rust-proofing -phosphoric acid etch, paint, final grey spray coat) over the next week. Will be attached via M12x35mm bolts with milled-off heads to minimise protrusion. Will post photos of the finished product in a week or so.
 #150880  by Waymad
 Mon Apr 29, 2019 5:04 pm
Photos of the jacking brackets, newly painted (White Knight acid etch then undercoat, a spray-can high-build primer, two top coats of a spray-can grey enamel). All paint cans from the inventory, brackets $4.50 each, 4.5mm zinc-plated stock. Swapped the welding and drill-milling for 3 15/32" Irwin drills being end-of-lined from Bunnings at $10 per 5-pack. Filed down the coach bolts and removed the square lugs under the head, manually.

Photos to come of the installed brackets: not happening today because it's trying to snow here at Waimairi Beach....
Jacking brackets.jpg
Jacking Brackets and ex-Coach bolts M12x35
 #150885  by Andycap
 Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:34 pm
Hi Wayne ,just a query ,why file down the square under the heads of the bolts ,don`t you need those to be able to hold the bolt whilst tightening the nuts on .Also wouldn`t it have been easier to file the holes in the brackets out square to fit the bolts . However ,i expect your photo to come of the finished brackets in situ will answer all . :TU
 #150909  by Waymad
 Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:51 am
Andycap, yes, would have been useful to leave maybe one or two corners on the bolts, and file holes to suit. 20/20 hindsight etc. Or, being as how they are not yet installed, I could just buy some more cup-head bolts and do precisely that. Or bother my neighbour some more and get headless bolts welded in as studs. Hmm, maybe I'll buy them bolts and start filing holes... But in practice, once they are on, loc-tited, and torqued up, the question of unwanted rotation won't arise...
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