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 #692  by Mark
 Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:36 pm
Below are some links to promotional material that members are encouraged to download and distribute freely to any potential members or businesses where such members might lurk 8-)

Smillie (Roamnz) has kindly made improvements to my first effort at a flier and has provided a
Long version (2 per page) and a
Short version (4 per page)

Thanks Smillie. :)

Nathan has done two very professional looking colour notices in pdf format:
the first is in the form of an A4 sized notice (complete with banner) with tear off web addresses along the bottom,
the second has 3 "flyer" sized handouts on an A4 sheet (also with the banner).
He's going to be using these at the October Christchurch show and has kindly allowed me to make them available for anyone to use.

Thanks Nathan. :)

I think that I should do a sheet of business-card sized thingies as well. Not really sure to start with that - any ideas?
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