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 #848  by Mark
 Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:23 pm
Well, it's really about August - September.

We had 5 members at the start of August (and some of those wouldn't have survived close scrutiny!). That climbed to 48 by the end of August and 112 by the end of September (boosted by the arrival of The Aussies in the second half of the month).

Ross was our first "real" member - enlisted when I found his blog through Google and he accepted my invitation to join. Mat and Molly followed soon after - although I recall I found it much harder to breach the security of their bebo site to ask them to join :? . I spent a few weeks (part time) trawling the internet for related sites (even leaving messages on other forums (GrownUps, TradeMe etc) telling people who had had no replies to their questions where they would find the answers ;) . Also sent emails to anyone who had advertised in the NZMCA magazine. Mat & Molly and AJ (coolbananas) sent out the link to all their contacts - and we were away! :D

An interesting stat to watch is that, from a base of 28 (11 August) it took 24 days to double to 56 (4 August) and 25 days to double again to 112 (29 Sept). So we're looking for 224 on the 26th October! 8-) C'mon - you can do it. Print out some of Nath's and Smillie's brochures and stick them under motorhome wipers (I think we'll skip the rentals at this stage).

We've had hits from many countries: Jamaica, Poland, South Africa, Philippines. When we moved hosts in mid August we fell off Google's radar and it took another 3 weeks 'til we were back on. Now we come up #1 if you search for Motorhome and Forum.

We had the disappointing news (late Sept) that NZMCA was not going to support us (no surprise) but also didn't want us using their magazine to tell others about our forum (surprise!). But having had a wee tanty about that, we're now focused on just making it happen ourselves - with some real good ideas from members - notably Smillie (Roamnz) and Nath who have put together some great brochures for anyone to download (see in Announcements - Admin>Promotional Material) and distribute and Podie who promoted the forum at the Paeroa sale.

We've had a good number of people introducing themselves in New Members and it's easy to see that the experience on tap now has increased by a few hundred years!

There have been some pretty interesting and informed discussions in the Technical section, particularly about mobile internet, communications and how to keep up the supply of electricity. Some experts are emerging.

GeoKiwi WILL HAPPEN. But it is going to take quite a time (will be quicker if we get some wet weather!) Not sure if anyone can help much....The first thing I need to do is is find or make some small icons for: Truck stops (Shell use a good icon), Highway rest areas, Camp sites, refuse stations (I've already done a dump station one) So, if anyone can even refer me to a web site that has one of these icons, then I can try to grab it.

Apologies if this is all a bit dry :oops: (Are you even interested in the membership stats etc?)

Hope you continue to find the forum useful, friendly and fun. Please use the Suggestion Box freely to both promote and shout-down ideas - it all helps me gauge the feeling out there.
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