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 #1540  by Mark
 Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:27 am
Hi All

Newsletter # 2 is upon us.

The months opened with member numbers at 112 and a surge at the start of the month caused a rush of blood to the head with me picking we would reach 200 by the end of the month :mrgreen: Some of our members helped promote the forum through expos at Paeroa and Christchurch during the month. By this morning (the last day of the month we had reached 163: an increase of 146% for the month.
Traffic on the site has climbed from 0.4Gb in August to 1.3Gb in September to 2.6Gb in October with 80% of that traffic being from NZ and OZ. We've had hits from many and varied countries, including Taiwan and Ukraine. We are already using 2/3 of our allowable monthly bandwidth, so we'll probably need to up the capacity of the contract.

Technical Problems
Half way through the month we had a serious technical glitch straight out of left field that caused over 10% of our users (myself included) to be spontaneously logged out of the forum. All browsers were affected to a greater or lesser extent. It was "out of left field" because no change had been made to the forum set-up for several weeks and the site host reported no hiccups there. It took a hard day and a half to resolve but it is STILL not clear what the cause was. I have made some minor changes to the board cookie settings in the hope of reducing the likelihood of it recurring.
At about the same time we had some issues with board moderation which highlighted the need for some forum rules, which are now available behind the ReadMe link. I had some much needed and welcome support through all of this from a few staunch members - you know who you are and "Thank You".

I am still in discussions with the NZMCA with the aim of allaying their fears that the forum will become a vehicle for "disgruntled members pushing their private agendas". While it is clear that they will not, any time soon, support the forum it is still unclear to me whether they will continue to block attempts to let the wider NZMCA membership know of our existence through the magazine. Watch this space.

Community Snippets
We've had our first board-recognised birthdays (Mat and Nath) during the month. If you want to be remembered on your day, you need to add your birthdate to your profile.
It was good to be able to welcome Ross back from the wilderness, earlier in the month.
A couple of members have heeded the call to use real names and have altered their usernames in the last week.
It's impossible to cover the variety of topics - but they seem to be coming thick and fast, particularly from a couple of fertile minds and others are picking up the ideas and running with them. There are plenty of interesting discussions happening and it's getting lively: We hit 12 online at once on 29th October.

This is slowly taking shape (and I regret just how slowly). It got a big boost when Idex sent me a download of public dumpstations from his SatNav. Also BGB created a truckstop icon for me to use. So all the truckstops for Shell and Caltex have been entered for the south island and I've made a start on the north. But it's is mind-numbing work and so progress will not be fast.

A Good One
New meanings for old words:
balderdash: rapidly receding hairline
gargoyle: olive-flavoured mouthwash
lymph: to walk with a lisp (my favourite)
willy-nilly: (adjective) impotent
esplanade:(verb) to attempt an explanation while drunk

That's all folks (back to working on the leaky roof!).
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