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 #1728  by Mark
 Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:08 pm
Quite a few of you have asked, over the past 3 months, if there is any way you are able to make a financial contribution towards the hosting and further development of this site.

I'm most grateful for your offers and have now put a "Donate" button on both the Forum and GeoKiwi (because a few people are now finding GeoKiwi without going through the forum).

The use, or not, of these buttons is optional and I do not intend to charge for membership of the forum.
Donors will not gain any extra features or functionality.

It is expected that the buttons may also be able to be used for such things as buying the Forum identifying decal when it is ready.

The button is a standard PayPal button and will take you to a secure screen which will handle the acceptance of your credit card details and personal details (required by the credit card companies). The "amount" field is open for "offers".

Please note: the use or otherwise of these buttons will have no effect whatsoever on what you can or cannot do on the forum

So, if you think the forum and/or GeoKiwi is a worthwhile resource for you, then a click on the Donate button will be much appreciated :D
 #4739  by Mark
 Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:44 pm
I'm attempting to ensure that we can continue to have an ad-free forum.

After consultation with those who have donated, under the previous rules (just to make sure they have no objection to be "outed")
there will be no visible acknowledgment of donors in their forum profile
I have decided that the forum should recognise those who have contributed financially. These good folk will be have a "$ Supporter" field displayed in their profile.

I have tried to make sure that I have included all donors but if I have missed anyone (by mid-day Monday), I apologise and please let me know.
 #7563  by Mark
 Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:02 pm
I have had some "issues" with PayPal in the last couple of weeks and as a result am in the process of disengaging with them.
As a consequence of this I have removed the "Donate" button from the forum page. I intend, when time permits, to set up an alternative online method for donating and buying decals.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to either donate or buy a decal should make a direct credit to my account and send me a PM telling me about it: donation or payment for decal, username and (if decal) real name and postal address.

The account number as from 1st April 2016 is:
ASB 12-3145-0077985-00 Chris - Nut17

[added 8 Sept - edited 30 Sept] OR you can use the PayMate Express button below the decal on every page.
Pay with Paymate Express