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 #2688  by Mark
 Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:45 pm
Hi, from the engine room! This is the last newsletter until we hit 350 members 8-)

We are closing in on 250 members as I write. Growth seems to be faily constant now, averaging about one new member a day. The number of visits per day since we started: Aug 40 (most of them probably me!) Sept 78, Oct 164, Nov 134, Dec 103, Jan (so far) 121. We set a new record of 13 of you online at one time on January 12 (allright, say 11: Google and Yahoo were probably bulking out the numbers!) Latest unexpected visit was from Moldova (true!) - anyone know where it is? I have a feeling one of Tintin's adventures was there :?

Forum Decals
It was a difficult birth but the decals were finally produced (thanks to midwife and staff) and several of you are now proudly sporting them. So keep your eye out for the distinctive round "Motorhome-Kiwi" on members' windscreens. If you want one, the easiest way is to use the Donate button to send $19 and reference the donation as Decal. The Paypal system will collect your delivery address and send it on to me immediately so I can put your decal in the mail to you.

Truck stops for shell and Caltex have been added to the original Public Dump Stations. Tourism NZ were "on to it" and sent me a file that I was able to load in without too much manipulation, so we now have the "i-Sites" for the whole country. Nothing more will be added until we get back from holiday.

I believe that a couple of our members wrote letters to the editor of the Motor Carvanner for inclusion in their last issue with a view to letting the general membership of the NZMCA know about this forum. There must have already been too much good copy as neither letter made "the cut" - or maybe it was considered the the membership would have no interest in such information.

Kathy and I are off within a week for a trip to the Deep South. I have only Vodafone coverage and, from all reports, that may mean that I will be an infrequent visitor to the community. Ray has kindly agreed to send welcome messages to newcommers during my absence but, apart from that, no special arrangements have been made. It will probably take longer for new members to be approved to membership of forum groups. If we have any technical difficulties, then chances are you'll all just have to wait until late April for things to be fixed. Lets hope that doesn't happen.

It's good to see so many willing to share their experience with those members who are embarking on conversion projects, particularly over the last couple of weeks. The forum is proving its worth.

Easter Gathering
The idea of an informal Easter Gathering to be held at Balmoral Forest beside the Hurunui River in North Canterbury has been mooted. You should register your possible interest in attending or ask any questions in Community > Forum Easter Gathering topic. I will monitor this topic and will attend on our way back North, if it looks to be a "goer".

That's it until the end of April. Hope to see some of you on the road Down South (have you got your decal?)

Have fun, and play nicely while I'm away.
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