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 #156319  by Snorch
 Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:14 am
Had this problem 2 years running now, real problem renewing membership. Apparently management dont want to know.
despite sending them several copies of current cert, over the past 2 years, it remains an issue, still denied registration yet again.

Anyone else here been put in the too hard basket ? A certificate is a certificate isnt it.
Just because its not a NZMCA one is that the reason ?
 #156327  by mattn
 Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:32 pm
From the NZMCA web page .....
Membership is restricted to those with Certified Self Contained vehicles unless an exemption has been applied for and granted by the CEO. Applications for Membership can be accepted where the applicant is building a Motor Caravan or waiting to purchase a Motor Caravan which, upon completion or purchase, must be Certified Self Contained prior to next joining date anniversary to maintain membership.
There is no requirement for you have a new certificate issued by the NZMCA. While getting an NZMCA issue certificate solves your problem, it does not solve the problem. You local area committee should be able to help, I am sure a call from the local Chair to the head office or a board member would get the situation resolved one way or the other.
 #156328  by beanpole
 Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:54 pm
Read the constitution and bylaws.

Objects of the Assn. 4.1
Membership of the Assn. 9 (b)

Membership restrictions. 3,1 (b) 3.1 (c) 3.3 (a)

The Interpretation says that only approved issuing authorities CSC certificates will be valid. (Provided they meet the standard naturally.)

There has never been any indication from the NZMCA that any other issuing authorities certificates will not be accepted. Provided that the certificate is on the approved NZS 5465 2001 form which is prescribed in the Standard.

You could say that the NZMCA CSC form is not to the required format but as it contains all the required elements it is OK.

Until the NZMCA officially advise all members that any other issuing authorities CSC form is not acceptable and give their reasons for that stance, any correctly issued CSC certificate is valid for membership.

 #156330  by Snorch
 Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:01 pm
You said it Gordon, they do comply with the standard and are an aproved issuing authority, So why am i having a problem with this then then ? 2 years on the trot.

Methinks I will just give in and forget the dam thing and the nzmca, have sen a lot of no wings vans aeound the country of late

I only got a nz camping certificate as was offered at the time of wof check at my local testing station, and was expired at the time. And I was hitting the road.

prevoiusly it had a nzmca cert, they must have the details for this vehicle on file ?
 #156339  by beanpole
 Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:18 am
It the vehicle has had a NZMCA issued cert previously and there have been no changes to the vehicle since, there is no logic reason for refusal as it is recorded on the NZMCA data base.

As there is no Administering Authority to oversee the NZ Standard it must be accepted that any other issuing authority is issuing certificates according to the standard.

It is not the NZMCA's god given right from this angle to reject them without coming out publicly and stating to all members the reasons for refusal to accept a correctly issued certificate.

It would be an insult to those SC Officers who issue certificates through any other issuing authority, more so when they are NZMCA SC Officers as well.

 #156343  by Snorch
 Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:06 am
No email replys from them now, from the registration upload certificate details web page and a no answer now from my direct contact (cert copy supplied) 3 days ago

my membership expires on 30nov,
no result by then, its all over. Thats some great logic at work.

Tried to pay again today. but declared no valid cert still
 #156414  by Snorch
 Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:10 am
Reply from them. really you must be joking.

So the warant card, the windscreen sticker and the nzcamping rego confirmation on the website is not enough
proof B Ridiculous.
So the warrant on the vehicle is not accepted as valid by NZMCA as I figured (despite coming a approved authority)


Good morning, (from nzmca)

The information we have requested is the self-containment certificate. This is the paper that has all the measurements of the tank and pipes on it. A replacement can be attained by contacting the issuer of your certificate.

What you have sent us is the warrant card. Every time you have emailed the warrant card to us, recently and last year we have responded to you explaining what is required.

We require a copy of the certificate as this keeps in line with the Board’s enforcement of the rules that requires all members to be Certified Self-contained.

This requirement means that we must have the full certificate on record as proof of your valid certification, the warrant card is not sufficient.

They allready have all the pipe stuff on their file from previous nzmca rego
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