Post updated links to your picture galleries and travelogues.
 #171  by Mark
 Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:49 am
This forum is provided for members to share some of their photos and stories: about themselves, their motorhome or caravan and where they've been.

The idea is that people will post links to their online photo galleries and/or travel blogs and not the photos and blogs themselves.

Post a NEW topic for each gallery or blog link. When you add more photos or stories post a "Reply" to your topic with the updated link/s.
You can provide feed back to a member about their photos by replying to their topic.

There are numerous web sites that will host your photos and blogs:
Picasa, Flicka and Photobucket are three for photos.
Blogger and Blog are a couple for blogs.

Just Google these names to get the home pages.

I will investigate what is needed to have blogging available directly from this site.
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