#98511  by DerekB
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:19 pm
Has anyone come across Lead Carbon (PbC) batteries?
Seems to be new around. They claim full 100% usable (ie can be taken to 0%) for 1000 cycles, and 3500 cycles at 80%.
Seems downfall might be recharge rate, but would like to know more if anyone has details etc.

 #98512  by scubadoo
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:53 pm

I will stick with my quad nuclear powered plutonium-iridium diethyl methadone quasi syncronised hypoallergenic free radical battery setup until someone actually has these available for motorhome use.
 #98513  by DerekB
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:07 pm
Well, I can't ask for a better answer than that! :lol:
 #98514  by muzzanic
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:10 pm
There is a guy in Tauranga that has imported a heap of them, They come at a huge price ( $1600 for 2x 6v 3ooAH )

Please see below for the latest Technology Deep Cycle Solar Storage Batteries:
Please find the 2 info data sheets for 2 of our latest Solar Power Deep Cycle Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor Batteries also.

These batteries are 100% sealed and are maintenance free. Unlike normal traditional lead acid batteries that can only be used down to a 50% daily discharge level, these batteries can safely be used down to 80% discharge or even 100% discharge (the odd time) without damaging or harming the battery at all, and still giving thousands of charge cycles and a very long life.

The 12v 70Ah battery will give 840w of storage at 100% DOD and 672w of storage at 80% DOD rating. $550 Inc GST Per battery + Freight (or pickup).

The 6v 300Ah battery will give 1800w of storage at 100% DOD and 1440w of storage at 80% DOD rating. $800 Inc GST Per battery + Freight (or pickup).

These batteries are using the latest Deep Cycle Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor technology so give more than 3 x the number of cycles at the same level of discharge compared with normal flooded deep cycle lead acid batteries, yet these new batteries will last much longer and require no maintenance either and store much more usable energy in comparison also. A normal flooded deep cycle lead acid battery will give 1200 cycles at 50% discharge and 500 cycles at 100% discharge where as these latest new technology batteries will give you 3 x those ratings as you can see below.

1500 cycles at 100% Discharge capacity (then they will need replacing as they will be stuffed).
2400 cycles at 80% Discharge capacity (then they will need replacing as they will be stuffed).
3000 cycles at 60% Discharge capacity (then they will need replacing as they will be stuffed).
3600 cycles at 50% Discharge capacity (then they will need replacing as they will be stuffed).

As a reference our best seller existing Crown 430Ah Deep Cycle Industrial Lead Acid batteries will only give 1200 cycles at 50% discharge and 50 cycles at 100% discharge capacity, so you can see that is a huge difference compared with the above battery ratings. Also because the Crown’s are rated to only use 50% that means you get 50% of 430Ah which is 215Ah usable per day, but because the new batteries can use 80% without any issues you are getting 80% of 300Ah which is 240Ah usable per day yet with three times the number of cycles than the Crown (when comparing the same level of discharge).

For the past 5 years all our off-grid setups have mostly gone out with industrial deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries (such as Crown and Trojan branded batteries) however now that we have a newer and better battery technology available at not a lot more cost relative to what it delivers, then this is certainly the technology of the future we are recommending for with our off grid systems from this point on and for the future.

The new batteries do cost a little more per battery than the Crowns cost, yet the Crowns require regular maintenance and topping up, compared to these batteries that are totally maintenance free and will give a much longer life with less hassles for you.

These batteries come in boxes of 4 batteries per wooden box, but the wooden boxes are very heavy about 135KG for the 70Ah batteries, and about 255KG for the 300Ah batteries in sets of 4, however if you are just wanting 1 or 2 batteries on their own and happy to pickup that is fine also.

Please let me know if you are wanting to confirm an order, as we only have very limited stocks that will be available before the entire shipment ends up 100% sold. Currently at this stage out of 64 batteries arriving in we only have 8 left available that are not already pre-sold and allocated to client orders, and then it’s another 8 weeks away until we have any more arriving and even then it will only be a very small quantity arriving because the factory was only able to supply a quarter of our order due to so many much larger back orders that they’re backlogged to supply to other larger countries around the world.


Steve McMechan

Hitek Systems Ltd
"Empowering Your World"


 #98518  by DerekB
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:25 pm
They seem to compare favourably against LiFePO batteries.
Will keep investigating

 #98519  by muzzanic
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:29 pm
They still have the weight & size of lead acid, I guess the voltage will drop off as well.

 #98520  by DerekB
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:36 pm
Steve has just emailed me with details, so I'll look at them

 #98521  by muzzanic
 Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:37 pm
He is great to deal with.

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