#10803  by johnaye
 Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:47 pm
Hi roader...Yes it shows volts from the panel and amps to the battery
 #10991  by mobilehouseoffun
 Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:17 pm
Hi, Where is the best place to buy an mppt charge controller, We need a 60 amp model and there does not seem to be many around, thanks Mark
 #10994  by johnaye
 Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:50 pm
bought all my stuff from AA Solar in auckland.
 #12801  by Sightseer
 Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:28 pm
We have just had a MPPT30 Solar Controller fitted together with a TRI-METRIC TM-2020 and it has stopped charging. It was working fine for several days but gave up yesterday.

I've tried 'waking' up the MPPT by pressing the LOAD DISCONNECTION BUTTON on the top of the MPPT but doesn't do anything.
The only light lit is the No. 5 PV MODULE input.

The battery monitor is showing:
VOLTS 12.2 down from 12.7 yesterday
AMPS: -00.3
and it hasn't changed all day

Has anyone else had this problem and can offer any suggestions.
 #12802  by rawill
 Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:22 pm
Ok - educate me please.

I have a Morningstar Prostar 30.

I assume this is not MPPT - I have just been reading the link in the posts above.

Can someone put out a list of some MPPT charge controllers, sounds like a good idea.
Maybe I will junk my Morningstar, it came Pierre at AA Solar 2 years ago.
 #12805  by SteveC
 Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:38 am
Sightseer - if it has only just been fitted then I would sugest you contact your supplyer. You never mentioned a brand?

Rawill - If you do a google search on MPPT Controller you will get a good amount of reading. There are more comming on the market every day but Im not sure I would go for one made in China.

 #12810  by Roamnz
 Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:55 am
Hello from Solly's Farm north of Collingwood.

The original setup in our motorhome, new Oct 2007, was 2 x 115 wet batteries ( a real pain, checking and topping up water on a regular basis) 1 x 125 watt solar panel and a Morningstar Prostar 15 amp solar controller and a 2kva Honda generator. For full time living especially in winter our Honda generator was used probably 5 days out of 7 if bad weather days for several hours when not travelling.

We free camp most of the time. By August 2009 we had had enough of conserving power, always looking at the dials checking we were not running things too low. We went ahead and did the big upgrade to a 20 amp IVT ( German) mppt solar controller connected to 4 x 120 watt panels and 2 x 260 AGM sealed batteries, all new August 2009.. We had no issues at all with that set up, ample power for full time living in a 7.3 cabover motorhome with a washing machine, 2 laptops, tv, diesel heater etc. We also had a second Even charger added to charge the bigger batteries when travelling.

After a few months and further online research we realised that the 20 AMP mppt was too small for continued use in conjunction with the 4 x 120 watt panels. In January we changed the 20amp IVT solar controller to a much larger 45 amp Morningstar MPPT. It was suggested that we also install a digital monitor that reads everything except the colour of your knickers! To do this we would have had to run a further wire down to the batteries from the controller area. This was just too hard to do as a retrofit, so that idea went in the too hard basket. The new system ticks along just fine, our batteries are fully recharged each day usually by early afternoon. To look at the dials and see 15 - 20+ amps going in on the dullest of days with no visible sunshine is a comforting sight and then when everything is full and no more solar going in it all shuts down after the pulsing stage has finished, if we are not using any power. It just keeps ticking over day after day. We never even consider having to go near 240v power for a day to "top up" and have even left our 2kv Honda generator back in Auckland in storage. Not quite game enough to sell it yet, we will see what happens this winter, but we are fairly confident we can survive very comfortably without it.
We are very happy campers with this setup for full time free camping lifestyle.
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