#132856  by Reuben
 Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:49 am

I'm after some help on which settings to use on my new solar setup.

I have a 12v LiFePO4 (4 cell, 13.2v )battery from AA Solar and a Votronic battery computer. The manual has a table for which setting to use for different battery types and voltages. However I'm not sure any of the settings quite line up with my battery, does anyone know which I should use?

 #132892  by WoodyZ
 Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:27 pm
The software that model is running is different to the one I have installed and I don't utilise most of it for protection in any case except that I do have the terminal switch off threshold set at 20% and the terminal switch on threshold set at 25% The minimum I have been down to is 51%
All my other controls are managed elsewhere but if I had that many type choices and I was using it as a control module, mine would be set at LiFePo4 14.4 V which is the setting I have in my solar controller for max V, however the real controls are elsewhere including my minimum and maximum voltage settings for both the pack and individual cell groups.
 #133317  by Reuben
 Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:07 pm
After very nearly a month I managed to get the answers to my questions out of AA Solar. For anyone who might be interested the answer I got was:

LiFePO4 14.6 - 86

I also managed to get the settings needed to for my epever MPPT charge controller, again for future reference they are:

Battery Type: User
Temp Compensation -3
Over Voltage Disconnect 15.80
Over Voltage Reconnect 14.80
Equilibrium Charging Voltage 15.00
Boost Charging Voltage 14.60
Float Charging Voltage 13.80
Boost Reconnect Voltage 13.40
Equilibrium Duration 30
Boost Duration 120
Charging Limit 15.20
Discharge Limit 12.00
Low Voltage Disconnect 12.00
Low Voltage Reconnect 13.00
Under Voltage Warning 12.40
Under Voltage Warning Reconnect 12.80

I also asked them about an issue I'd been seeing with my Votronic Switch unit, whereby it randomly turns off and then on again after ~10 seconds, this is with a full battery and very low load on the whole system.

The response I got
Read the manual very thoroughly

I am appalled by the service received from AA Solar; multiple emails ignored for weeks, multiple phone calls and promises of getting emails with settings broken and then a very rude and useless from Ryan their licensed electrician.

Hoping I never have to deal with them again in the future.
 #133318  by WoodyZ
 Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:14 pm
I have had nothing but help from Ryan although I will not use their suggested numbers and I would not use those ones either, I like my batteries too much for that.

Edit to add that I don't use the monitor to control much at all but most of those settings (with different numbers of course), I have in my solar controller as are yours.

My numbers but I have additional management to ensure that the solar controller isn't actually in control of most of the out spec events, not that I have ever had one, only the actual charging voltages Most of my solar controller settings are last resort settings.

Battery Type: User Flooded (but immaterial as I have my own settings
Temp Compensation -3 I have temp sensing doing this for me but actually set at -0
Over Voltage Disconnect 15.80 15.0
Over Voltage Reconnect 14.80 14.0
Equilibrium Charging Voltage 15.00 14.2
Boost Charging Voltage 14.60 14.0
Float Charging Voltage 13.80 Same, 13.8
Boost Reconnect Voltage 13.40 13.2
Equilibrium Duration 30 60
Boost Duration 120 120 but it never happens as I have built separate management controls so it can't. LiFePo4 should not have a boost cycle
Charging Limit 15.20 14.4
Discharge Limit 12.00 11.2
Low Voltage Disconnect 12.00 11.8
Low Voltage Reconnect 13.00 13.2
Under Voltage Warning 12.40 12
Under Voltage Warning Reconnect 12.80 13.2
 #133325  by Wangap
 Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:05 pm
I can add that I tried now for more than 2 weeks to get a response from AA regarding their Lithium batteries. Multiple emails, phone call, but no reply. I asked also through Sun Power Plus, their TradeMe arm, also no response - very frustrating. Normally I would suspect they go out of business but they still advertise heavily and they do have sales completed recently. I guess they must have some sort of problems?
 #133326  by scubadoo
 Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:17 pm
Ditto. I have never had an issue when dealing with AA Solar.

I run Victron 50A MPPT solar controllers.
Like Neil I value my Sinopoly 300Ah battery pack too much to even approach those settings.

LiFePO4 14.6 - 86 - I would set at 14.2

Relevant numbers set on my solar controllers and other circuitry (In brackets would be my initial testing number settings not used by me):
Battery Type: User
Temp Compensation -3 -0
Over Voltage Disconnect 15.80 - 14.60 - something would be very wrong at 15.80V :shock:
Over Voltage Reconnect 14.80 - Far too high - mine would remain disconnected until manually reset after fault finding (14.0)
Equilibrium Charging Voltage 15.00 - Unknown term by me for LiFePO4 - too high anyway (14.20 or Off)
Boost Charging Voltage 14.60 - 14.20
Float Charging Voltage 13.80 - 13.35
Boost Reconnect Voltage 13.40 - (13.20)
Equilibrium Duration 30 - Unknown term by me for LiFePO4
Boost Duration 120 - 20
Charging Limit 15.20 - 14.40
Discharge Limit 12.00
Low Voltage Disconnect 12.00
Low Voltage Reconnect 13.00
Under Voltage Warning 12.40
Under Voltage Warning Reconnect 12.80

Essentially my charge routine for both solar and alternator:
Bulk charge flat out to 14.20V, absorption for 20 minutes and "float" at 13.35V.

All working perfectly for 3 years and counting.
 #133328  by Reuben
 Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:13 pm
This is my first foray into solar so I'm not quite up to speed on some of the terms, especially as some seem to be interchanged.

From the manual of the eTracer solar controller as I understand it the controller will:

1) Charge in constant current mode until the battery voltage reaches Boost Charging Voltage (Bulk)
2) Charge at Boost Charging Voltage for the time specified by Boost Duration (referred to as constant charging, is this what people refer to as absorption?)
3) Float at Float charging voltage

I think that Equilibrium is the same as Equalisation, I think some of their software uses one term an another the other. One of the guys I spoke to on the phone at AA Solar said these LiFePO4 batteries don't need Equalisation... which contradicts the screenshot the other guy emailed me.

I assume that "Boost Reconnect Voltage" is the level at which the controller decides that it needs to start doing bulk charging again.

I'm not entirely sure what the low/under voltage levels are for as the charge controller can't control the loads on the system so can't disconnect anything.

Thanks for everyones input, I'm sort of glad to see that other people have had issues with AA Solar and after sales support and it's not just that they took a disliking to me
 #133356  by Nut17
 Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:35 pm
I have had LiFePO4 house batteries since March 2012 and since January 2015 have been charging my 600AH bank with an 80 Amp Flexmax Outback 80 MPPT controller with the bulk and absorption modes set to 13.8 volts and the float at 13.3 volts. The lower charge voltage only results in a capacity loss of 3% and the cells are never pushed high enough to develop balance issues. My "Guru" and mentor through the initial set up and maintenance of these cells is a self confessed Lithium expert and posts on many RV forums from his base in Australia under the username of T1Terry. I recently checked out a new LiFePO4 installation done by AA Solar and was interested to note that had set this system up using the same charge voltage protocols that I am using. I was surprised to see that the low state of charge relay was set to disconnect the load at 50% SOC. I find that setting unrealistically conservative and seriously limiting the real advantage that this battery technology provides.

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