#146195  by RUSTYS
 Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:08 pm
Need some info.
I have a couple of interior light diffusers, that some of the lugs that clip into the suround of the light, have become brittle and some have broken off and the diffusers are not holding well. I have tried a lot of sources Ebay and UK caravan specialists, but have not been able to find replacement diffusers, where some of the other brands do offer replacement ones. Anyone got any good contacts where i may be able to source something. At the moment i have done the good old Kiwi trick with a dob of clear silicone spoted where needed, not the best as i'am fairly fussy. Don't really want to replace the whole unit either. You would think they would be available as the clips are a weak point in any diffuser Fawo is also a masive company in Germany making lots of this type of stuff.
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