#12898  by Van Campa
 Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:02 am
For many of us generating our power with solar panel, being energy-efficient is crucial.
So we need to look for the most energy efficient appliances and other electronic/ electrical gadgets.

When it comes to TV screens smaller is generally more energy efficient. Same goes with laptops.

What kind of equipment you have and how many watts or amps do they consume on 12 volt?

For example this Asus EEEPC laptop uses 3 amps frrom the 12V power point when chargingt and only one Amp when I remove the battery and running the usual applications with normal screen brightness.

My Engel 2-way compressor fridge uses just 2 A when it is running. And it runns just a half dozen times an hour couple minutes at a time.
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