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LED Lights

PostPosted:Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:19 am
by Neddy
It is surprising how much these have improved over the years. In the old days, if you wanted high-power, high efficiency LED light fittings, you had to assemble your own using very expensive Cree LEDs. Our new van came equipped with bog-standard LED light fittings that perform really well. Our more than adequate main lighting is provided by five light fittings, each with 12 LEDs. Those 60 LEDs draw a total of just 0.7 amps! We have 8 other light fittings with 168 more LEDs that would draw another 1.6 Amps in the highly unlikely event of our having them all turned on at once. On average, our entire lighting setup draws less than 1 Amp. Couple that with a fridge that consumes less than an Amp and you can see why we only need a single 100Ah AGM House battery. I always used to reckon that we needed 200Ah as a minimum - but times have changed.