#1504  by WoodyZ
 Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:04 am
I have a Morningstar PS-30 That will handle all I can fit in my roof with ease.
 #1507  by RaymonD
 Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:35 am
Blue Yonder wrote::o Hi very important reason diffrant rated diodes in panels :o meaning you have diffrant rating for each wattage panels over time the Diodes breakup (melt in worst case) destroys your panels,nulls your warrenty :oops: :o diffrant rated voltage coming to a smaller panel that dose not have higher voltage rating blows your smaller panel thats why you stick to same wattage panels hope this helps ;)
Maybe, but, you can mix manufaturers and use different wattage panels,as long as the rated voltages are the same ie. if existing panels put out 19V make sure any panels you add are rated at 19V.

Our last bus had 85W and 65W panels (Solarex MX) and we never had any problems, in fact we have never had DC supply problems, or flat batteries and most evenings I draw the batteries down to 60 - 70 % of capacity which is 200amp hrs.

If you are parked with one panel in full sun and the other shaded which does happen, :?: :?: :?:
 #1586  by la vida loca
 Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:43 am
hi all
i spoke to a friend who has a unisolar laminate on his motorhome and was really impressed with power output from 64 watt unit . try this contact. richard ph . 027 283 2517
unisolar specialist
email: [email protected]
hope this helps
 #1613  by RaymonD
 Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:51 pm
Bugsy wrote:
Blue Yonder wrote:
On our 2x120 watt panels,on good day have seen just under 21 amps,
I'm no expert but is that possible out of 2x120watters??
Disregarding losses, watts divided by voltage = amps in a DC circuit.
So 240 watts / 12 = 20 amps. :geek: :geek:
 #1652  by RaymonD
 Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:57 pm
There was discussion in budgets I think about Solar panels and batteries, thought i would pull it back here.

We have two 100 watt panels, Prostar 15 controller, Bogart battery/load monitor into two 6volt serried Champion AGM batteries. At times we get down to quite low in capacity but at the present time if they get to low we use the Smart charger powered from our garage mains. On the road if needed we have a 2Kw sine wave generator, also the vehicle has a 125Amp alternator so it's no problem running up to 30 amps to the 12v system via the even charger when the motor is running.
I do admit that another 100 watt panel would be nice but as I got the present panels ex demo at $600 each I'm not inclined to pay big money, also overseas development is bringing prices down.
My thoughts now are that maybe I would not by a 230 vac generator, rather get a high amp 12vdc charger/generator as our 1800 sine wave inverter would take care of any ac requirements.
 #1655  by BGB (Her)
 Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:26 pm
Batteries are 3x180 amp, deep cycle, 12 volt.
Panels are 3x64 watt (UniSolar64.) They are amorphous silicon, rather than mono-crystalline. These have an advantage in that they will still give a charge to your batteries, even if a part of them is shielded by, say, a leaf. Already have panel no. 4, just waiting until we can get to a workshop to "borrow" some aluminium to make some what-do-you-call-um's to support the battery. Brackets. :mrgreen:
The solar panel regulator is a Morningstar ProStar PS-15. 12volt solar controller.

Length of cable from panels to regulator = about 7 metres.
Regulator to battery is about 1 metre.
Regulator to buzz bar approx 1/2 metre.
Not sure what you mean by "Are you using all the points on the regulator"???
Can't give any accurate info on amps at different times of the day, as it depends on where we start. Today we had approx 10.4 amps at around midday, (no clouds - good charge) with no appliances running. (We fully re-charged on power last night.)
Cable size: 10sqmm. Fine strand welding cable. That goes from solar panels to regulator and heaps bigger than that between buzz bar and battery. (Don't know exact size.)
 #1664  by Mark
 Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:51 pm
I hate doing this, because it never seems to work as I expect - but here goes.
I'm going to (try to) move the last few posts here to Technical>Electrical.


And now to merge with the existing topic (fingers crossed)

Done. But it's not a nice result, is it - far better not to change the subject.

Maybe a good way to do this is:
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Go to the appropriate forum, start a new topic and "set the scene" by including the bit that you copied - with a note about where it came from.
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