Mobile internet, DVD, TV, SatNav, UHF/VHF etc
 #155071  by NeilV
 Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:08 am
“Find my friends” works like the Alfred app and can set a movement alert too... but then goes to needing data all the time (or being connected to wifi at your storage point 🤔)

It’s not just “can they [eventually] disable it” it’s also “can they ALL disable it fast enough to make it worthless”

Even removing a wheel (the best mechanical lock) and having it offsite can be corrected by a savvy thief, but only with enough planning, time and effort.

Both the standard trackers and the phone type rely on your main battery being connected to maintain their internal battery, and then have their own battery (for a while) after disconnection.
Personally I’d rather depend on my own setup in my unique bus conversion, as I have multiple hiding spaces in the cabinetry, and know where all the wires go too. For a manufactured ‘standard’ ‘van or MH I think the thieves would just be looking for things that are out of the ordinary, and a motor bay mounted tracker would be far easier to find than a behind paneling phone
 #155078  by mattn
 Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:40 pm
If they want your van, its there's, nothing you do (that does not also stop you using it) will stop them. Everything else is about convincing the scumbags that want a van that the van down the road is a better proposition that yours. Park it nose in and put down corner steadies (slows them down, time is risk of getting caught). Hitch locks and wheel clamps - slow and noisy to remove. If you don't use it over winter, put it up on blocks (slows them down even more). Remove valuables - awnings and such like, or at least make sure they are not visible.

A tracker is for when your main counter measures failed. Think of it like the ejector seat fighter pilots have. If you need it, something has already gone badly wrong, using it ain't going to be a joy ride and there will almost certainly be some ongoing issues as a result of needing it.
 #155083  by petercw
 Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:45 pm
Our old phone is for inside our house whilst away, a seeing eye that comes alive with movement.. It's always on power but this could be your battery and if disconnected it had is own for a few hours.. it's running off our WiFi that's another old phone that runs our outside camera security, for when the MH is there plus who comes in our yard when it's turned on, this is also on full time, and we use The Warehouse mobile 500mbs for $4 and can top up as required usually 3 to 4 weeks, 4 Weeks being the required top up anyway.
But as the others say this is fall back stuff, you have to make it difficult for them so the go elsewhere. :?
 #155087  by RUSTYS
 Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:45 pm
There are some really good comments coming through regarding my thread. Doesn't sound like anyone knows , or knows of a caravan etc that's been fitted with a Tracker system installed being recovered because of it anyway, so why do I need one and all its expense.
Yes, as lots of you say if you can keep it secure and have good insurance is piece of mind and be careful of what you put on social media.
Our van is not visable from the street, all corner steadies are down and locked, wheel lock and alko locks are all fitted, plus security lights at night, that's the best I can do as iam old school, and don't need a cell phone, who wants technology while camping. :D :D ;)
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