Mobile internet, DVD, TV, SatNav, UHF/VHF etc
 #157254  by Nut17
 Sat Dec 14, 2019 1:58 pm
After having an absolutely useless one installed in my spray truck years ago I have always been keen to invest in something that was going to tick all the boxes without breaking the bank. ... 74323.html

Have one of these installed and currently have Ben busy getting the WIFI connected to enable easy retrieval of the video clips.

I know that there are probably better units at a lesser price on Aliexpress Neddy, but at $110 with full warranty and NZ backup I did pay for some peace of mind. :-T
It has lots of import features including leaving a "watermark" speed and GPS coordinates on the images and an automatic activation if the vehicle is bumped into while parked.
 #157262  by vansvilla
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:31 am
I think the acid test for 5hem is the resolution.
Can a Reg plate be picked out at a distance, that's the first thing the Police will want to know.
There have been reports on FB of people showing the footage to Police resulting in charging of the errant motorist that was videoed.
 #157272  by Skiwi
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:13 pm
I have the DashMate DSH-882 which is full HD front and 720 for the back camera. Link here

That captures enough for number plate recognition during the day but can be a bit hit and miss in crappy weather, or at night.

I think FPS is as least as relevant as resolution for plate recognition because at times the number plate you want to capture is coming towards you at a combined speed of about 200 kph.

If you would like to view a clip taken under somewhat challenging conditions you can view it here.

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 #157273  by Nut17
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:23 pm
Well, the long and short of it has come down to me taking the camera back to Supercheap. :? I have left it with them as even their expert was unable to retrieve the video clips from the micro SD card. :cry: Have had the card inserted into four different computers and have loaded the app onto both an Android tablet and my iPhone and the WiFi failed to connect. :shock: I am happy to have it back if they can get it working reliably.
 #157275  by JimW
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:47 pm
I have had a Cobra HD dashcam for 5 years. Purchased in the US . I have been very impressed by the usability, quality etc. Have used it here and over there constantly. I bought a second, as spare for the toad, on eBay for under $60.
I did have a problem with a micro sd card once which simply wouldn't work. In the end it was easier just to buy a new card. Something to do with formatting.
What has been most useful is that it can separate recordings into 3 or 5 minute segments which can then be downloaded to the laptop. We have saved some memorable drives, near misses with deer and the odd piece of suicidal driving by others.
Good insurance should we need proof of liability.
 #157279  by Nut17
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:39 pm
Most of the units on the market work on short video clips. In the programming set up stage of mine there was an option to alter the length of the clips from the default setting (5 minutes from memory.)
I liked the default option to have the screen off during recording, but the audio confirmation that the device had powered on and was recording. One touch button to liven the screen if needed.
I am confident that Supercheap and it's supplier will get it sorted. I want it properly installed and operating correctly before we head south in early February.
 #157284  by JimW
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:47 pm
One other thing I forgot to mention is the audio. While replaying a clip in front of friends it played back some colourful language while we were discussing where to park! This can be turned off if necessary.
 #157285  by Nut17
 Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:54 pm
Yes, I vividly remember suffering severe embarrassment about 30 years ago when I had videoed a jet boat race with a viewing in mixed company. The occasion is tattooed on my memory :oops: ;)
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