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 #141271  by Nut17
 Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:40 am
Most of you forum members will be tired of my five header photos appearing at the top of the page. ;)
I would like to run a low key monthly competition where photos will be submitted during the month on a dedicated thread and the winner will have pride of place at the top of the page for the following month.
The photos submitted must be taken in New Zealand and each monthly winner will have the opportunity to choose a topic for the next month.
Topics should have some interest to RV-ingh as idyllic camp sites, sunsets, wild life and places / people of interest would be the main theme, but would be happy for a little imagination ;) :-T
Obviously the successful shot would need to survive cropping to fit the panoramic location at the top of the page.
When a photo is posted, it should be numbered with each new entry using the next highest available number. ie #1.
A democratic judging system is yet to be finalised and the whole process is subject to the occasional modification as the need arises.
Most importantly, it will be the subject matter and how it is portrayed so that photographs taken with a cell phone will have as much chance of making the cut as a professional one taken with expensive equipment.
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