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 #41674  by Mark
 Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:54 pm
Hi All

The idea of quoting is to help put, what you are about to post, in context. Unnecessary quotes, just clog up the threads.

If you are replying to the previous post, there is usually no need to quote it, because it is right there, above where your post will appear.

Sometimes, you may want to draw attention to just a part of the previous post, and reply to that. Quoting is fine in that case.

Sometimes you may want to respond to a post that appears earlier in the thread, above the previous post. Quoting is fine in that case too.

It's tempting to just click on "Quote" in someone's post to reply, but the moderators will appreciate it if you don't do this unless it is necessary, as above (they have to fix it, if you do ;) )
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