#64  by Mark
 Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:57 pm
Welcome to the NZ Motorhome Forum.
Anyone is most welcome to join this forum. All you have to do is Register (it costs nothing) and then login to start taking part in discussions or to post new topics.

It would be great if new members could post a short introduction to themselves in the New Members sub-forum in the "Community" forum. (Some have already introduced themselves in the Introduction to NZ Motorhome topic before I organised the New Members topic - so check that out too.)

At any time you can edit or add information to your profile through the User Control Panel (add interests, your web site or select an avatar from the library) to help liven the look of the forum.

To help us recognise each other while on the road, a forum decal is available to stick on your windscreen. The decal is a 120mm diameter version of the logo at the left hand end of the header banner. You can get one by using the PayMate Express button below the decal on every page.

NZMCA members can gain access to a forum reserved for NZMCA specific matters.
To get access to this forum you must be a member of the nzmca group on this forum. This will give you automatic access (without the use of a password) to that forum.

Join the NZMCA members group through User Control Panel > User Groups. Please read this topic under Notices for more detailed info. If you PM me when you have done this (with your full name address and NZMCA number) I will know to have a look and Approve your membership. Your user-name will then be colour-coded red.

There is a place for you to add your NZMCA number to your profile (User Control Panel).

Rules :o
Rule#1: Don't make me have to make rules!
Be courteous
Pick topic names that are descriptive to help people later doing searches for a particular subject.
Try not to change the nature of a thread: if your post would significantly change the subject of the topic, post a new topic. Again this is to aid future searches.
Members may not use the forum (threads, PM's or emails) for any commercial purpose: but providing informative responses to others' questions is welcomed (even if this ends up painting you in a good light ;) but don't push it!)
(Later..) OK I have had to make rules. You should read them by clicking Forum Guidelines up near top-right.

You may attach a link to a picture to your post in jpg or png format. The maximum size is 128Kb.
You can load an avatar to your profile either by selecting one from the built in avatar library or by uploading your own.
The maximum avatar size is 10Kb and 100x100 pixels.

Here is a link to an easy to use on-line picture sizer and editor http://www.online-image-editor.com/

There is a Links to pics and blogs sub-forum under "Community" where you can post a link to your third party picture gallery eg Photobucket, Flicka, Picasaweb or blogs eg Blogspot etc

Enjoy yourselves!
 #110928  by Nut17
 Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:10 am
It is almost nine years since Mark wrote this first introductory post and in virtually every respect it still represents the intent and purpose of the forum as it did back then. To help preserve the history of this site I have decided to leave Marks post virtually unaltered.

With the change of ownership from 1st April 2016 nothing will change except the contact details for the administration of the site. The forum email remains [email protected] Any personal messages should be addressed to nut17

I welcome new and existing members alike to participate and enjoy all the benefits this site has to offer.

Cheers Chris
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