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 #1095  by Mark
 Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:56 am
I've made a start on putting Truck Stops in for the South Island (Thanks to BGB for the icon :)).
It is frustrating that many of the addresses that I have (from Shell at this point) have merely a street name and no number.
I can either spend a lot of time (myself) tracking down the exact location, or I can flag the fact that the marked location is not accurate and rely on members to help me improve the accuracy of these locations.
I have decided on the latter - leaving me free to add more sites and get the system more useable.
I have marked those Truck Stops that whose exact location I am unsure of (click on each one's icon for more information).
I would like to hear if you can give me a more accurate fix for any of them (eg it's just north of nnnnn Rd on east side of street etc).
Meanwhile, I'll box on.
 #1360  by Mark
 Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:06 pm
I've completed the Shell truck stops for the South Island - except for the Eves Valley one, which I have no clue as to where to mark it.

Probably half of the Shell stops, I have just had to locate them on the right road but have not been able to say where on that road they are.

If one of the Truck Stops is near you and when you click on it in GeoKiwi and it says "not accurate", it would be great if you could have a look and let me know either a street number or at least some directions to allow me to fine-up on its location.

OK, Mobile next.

Wheezy - I put in the picton Dumpstation too. I didn't notice that it was missing - we've even used that one ourselves.
 #1696  by Anne Barrett
 Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:20 pm
Marlborough truckstops
Caltex Blenheim is in the section of Grove Rd just off intersection with Auckland St, (doglegs off Sinclair St) on left round back of closed Caltex Service Station.
Caltex Picton is on right side of Lagoon Rd (travelling north) by 'n' in Lagoon on Hybrid map.
Shell Blenheim is between Grove Rd & railway line, north of Budge St.
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