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 #1928  by Mark
 Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:49 pm
Hi All
I've now entered all of the Shell and Caltex Truck Stops that I have locations for.
Note - these are not service stations but just diesel truck stops.
If you notice any that I don't have, or I have in the wrong place - please let me know.

Not sure what to do next - maybe Launderettes or maybe LPG outlets. Thoughts?
 #9834  by Maverick Dragon
 Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:08 am
THANKS for ALL your hard work Mark ~ this website is a fount of handy, practical information.
How do we nominate it for Website of the Year?

My thoughts are that both will be handy - but my vote would go for LPG outlets :)
 #9836  by Mark
 Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:29 am
I'm a bit embarrassed at the renewed interest in this thread :oops:
You may have not noticed that my previous post on it was almost a year ago.
(amazing what moving a thread's location will do for it's popularity :lol: )
I must admit that I just haven't had the time to look at adding any more data points to GeoKiwi.
I've also come to the view that, what with so many now having GPS's in their vehicles, it may not be as useful as I originally thought it would be. And maybe it would be MORE useful to provide POI files with these points on - rather than the map???
 #9839  by Dusty
 Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:40 pm
By all means Mark , knock yourself out doing all the gps stuff too.

But , keeping it to the lowest common denominator, helps the less advantaged crew as well.

Yep , I need a map. No techno stuff on board. :)

Thanks for your time. :mrgreen:
 #9841  by Mark
 Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:04 pm
Who has ever used GeoKiwi? I know we didn't use it as much as I expected to on our SI trip at the start of this year.

The trouble is it's a BIG JOB to firstly find the correct datapoints and then to bang them into a file of the right format for inclusion in GeoKiwi.

I know with the Truck Stops the oil companies couldn't have been less interested in helping. Don't know whether LPG suppliers will be any better.

If I can get a file of the datapoints (in virtually any format) it's not too big a job to add them.

When we were down south we found that camp grounds were usually cheaper for us to do our laundry at, than lauderettes, even though we weren't staying there. The locations of camp grounds is already available through beatsmilking's website (see Links & Downloads page).

How do we find the co-ordinates of launderettes? Any ideas?
(I don't really want to this before we go away in January)
 #32346  by Doit
 Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:37 pm
Hi Mark.
Have you got a CSV file of the Caltex Truck stops? I know they aren't accurate, but just as useful as the list I have that only tells you the street.
Unless the one at the Waihi truck yard has moved, it may have closed down. I went to fill up before Christmas and it had dissapeared.

Edit to say. I think using a normal Caltex service station and the AA Smartfuel card is probably the same price now as the Truck stops. I will find out when my next F'n"F account arrives.
 #32347  by Mark
 Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:53 pm
Doit wrote:Hi Mark.
Have you got a CSV file of the Caltex Truck stops?
No I don't, sorry. And I am staggered that none of the fuel companies seem interested in providing these files. I hope someone will tell me this has changed since I last enquired
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