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Wet under the mattress - Solved!

PostPosted:Thu May 16, 2019 11:55 am
by torrentfish
Last winter I got fed up with the whole palaver each morning of trying to dry out the underside of my mattress. It's on a wooden panel above the cab and ventilation would be awkward and insufficient. I started wondering how I could solve the problem at the source.

I ditched the old mouldy mattress and put the new one inside a fully waterproof duvet cover liner. My mattress protector goes on top of that to reduce the very slight crinkliness even more. I don't wake in a puddle of sweat and the underside of the mattress is always COMPLETELY DRY!

(Yes I could have probably just used a waterproof fitted sheet, but I wanted to enclose it to protect from condensation running down the walls and the occasional disaster when it rains and I left the window open)

I bought the cover from a place that sells useful things for elderly and disabled people, it cost $60 but we'll worth it. You can also get fully enclosing mattress covers but this was what they had in stock.

Re: Wet under the mattress - Solved!

PostPosted:Sat May 18, 2019 6:18 pm
by johnny
A dehumidifier will dry out your camper especially the cab-over. Only problem will be the cost to run as they can use up to 6 Kwh/units a day. Also emptying the water tank unless you fit a drain like we did and add a hole through the step for the dripping water.

If Electricity cost is not a barrier then Dehumidifiers do work well[ 24 hr's a day use.]

A suggestion is to clean out the drains fitted to your windows as dust /fluff and Pollens etc will blockup and water can then ingress and damage linings.