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 #59755  by Shoestringkiwis
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:59 am
Hello everyone.
We are thinking ahead to packing our motorhome for our south island adventure. I love to cook (and eat!) so the kitchen area is my focus. Does anyone have any experience with the new Tupperware Fridgesmart containers and/or the vegetable bags you can buy in the supermarket? Tupperware is very pricey, but my 30 year old stuff has only just been tossed out. Our fridge is only 130L so space will be limited. Hopefully I can get some helpful feedback on here before I invest! Cheers.
 #59760  by FlyingKiwiGirl
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:47 am
From experience (both in our 5th-wheeler & launch) I find the Glad containers are very handy, plenty of sizes (the smaller ones are great for leftovers), they stack easily both in the fridge on top of each other & empty in the cupboard inside each other. They are light! Important when watching that all too critical weight. They are very tough but can be thrown away when required & cheap enough to replace. I do have mostly Tupperware in my pantry & two or three to use in the fridge when I need something more durable but have found the Glad containers great to use. Great for picnics, day trips & boating away from the van too. Light to carry.

I've tried the vege bags, I find them a hassle after awhile although I do use them when I know we won't be near a store for awhile & they "seem" to work ok. I hate washing the bloody things, they always seem to hang around the bench area or over the tap waiting for them to drip dry, or pegged to the drying rack for days on end. They just get in my way. In a perfect world I'd dry them with a teatowel inside straight away. :)
 #59768  by petercw
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:08 pm
We use the snap lock bags in the freezer so that we can get more in. Throw them away after a couple of uses. Then snap luck containers in the fridge.
We Hv Tupperware some 30 odd years old and still going strong.
 #59779  by Shoestringkiwis
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:09 pm
Thanks both for your replies. I do love the Glad containers too and we will use them for leftovers etc. However, I was thinking more of storage which will keep veges fresh for longer when there are only two of us to eat them and we hope to freedom camp most of the time - away from shops hopefully!. I haven't tried the vege bags nor the specially designed Tupperware Fridgesmart containers. The bags sound like a bit of a hassle to wash though. Thanks again and I will keep watching on here to see if anyone has a love/hate relationship with the Tupperware. Sometimes these things can just be an expensive gimmick.
 #59782  by FlyingKiwiGirl
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:13 pm
Those Fridgesmart containers sound good if used in a normal sized fridge but I wonder how much room they'll take up in a smaller one. I assume you'll need at least 3 for the 3 different "breathable" types of veges & then another for the cheese perhaps, & also a round one for the lettuce. :) Hmmm.....interesting but worth the hassle or as you say, are they just another gimmick? I'll be keen to hear too. I've always trusted in Tupperware so I can't see why they wouldn't do what they say they'll do. For me they'd have to perform very well to take up valuable fridge space, but then I have 2 vege bins in my fridge so I don't really need them.

And here's a bit of useless information(well actually it's not), did you know to store your cucumber at room temperature & it won't go slimy. It may loose it's colour but it won't rot. I got that off a website I was reading on the containers.
 #59783  by Doit
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:28 pm
Last Summer we used one of those flat polystyrene boxes you get from fish shops, for the veges. The 80l fridge had the vitals in. We had four slicker pads, two in the freezer and two in the poly box. By changing the slickers over daily, the veges kept fresh. The poly box could fit two Tupperware vege containers plus extras and fitted under the bed.
 #59785  by Shoestringkiwis
 Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:00 pm
Wow - thanks guys. You are right Flyingkiwigirl about the lack of fridge space ..... SO I am very happy to have the polystyrene box idea put on here Doit! We have one of those left from taking food over to Rarotonga on holiday earlier this year. I'll see if there is a space for it when we take ownership of our motorhome soon. I didn't know about the cucumber trick, so will try that. Did you know that you can wrap your heads of celery in tinfoil and it lasts for ages - this really really works.
While I on here - does anyone have a 12V freezer box? Someone suggested we get one and hook it up in the boot, as we only have a wee icebox in our fridge. I will ask Mr Google later, but first-hand comments would be appreciated.
Am off to cook dinner - trying another favourite recipe which I have tweaked for motorhome ease and speed. Hoping to build up quite a repertoire of recipes by the time we leave!
Thanks everyone.
 #59808  by Rovers
 Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:26 pm
Hi Shoestring, have a 12volt ciggy lighter type fridge box which is probably a little over 10 litres in capacity and use it a lot when we are away in our pommie van. The fridge is great in the van but that little bit of xtra capacity is a big help. Seeing as how when we park up we then proceed to explore we run the "box" while the motor is running but off when motor stopped. Its great for the likes of veggies but the on board fridge is for the important stuff. Ours has a mains powerpac as well which is also very handy, run it at full capacity prior to departure or when you park up on power means that you can keep that much more longererer.

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