#137576  by rawill
 Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:52 am
RE Overwidth.

I know a guy who imported 2 or 3 overwidth late model motorhomes. The body was lifted of them, cut down the middle and pushed together, all to make them about 50mm narrower. And converted to RHD.

And expensive exercise.
 #137621  by philsweety
 Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:13 am
We shipped a 9m travel trailer new from USA in 2013. (Overall length incl towbar 10m and 2.6 tonnes empty).
Always use an agent. Ours was famous Pacific Shipping Phone 0064 9 2756878 Mobile Martin Clark 021-383701 (Base in Auckland I think).
He arranged shipping from Baltimore to Lytleton.
Total cost of shipping, tax and other requirements was about $20,000.
We purchased from RV Wholesale Superstore in Lakeview Ohio and went there personally to choose. We paid them to tow the van to Baltimore.
I asked Famous Pacific about shipping out of LA but Martin said it was considerably more expensive (About double the price in 2013).
We tried to arrange for the trailer to be transported from Lyttleton to Ashburton for the work to comply but the transporter let us down and in the end the guys doing the work at Lifestyle Motorhomes drove up and got it.

They did a top job which included 110 hours of re-wiring to get to 240v. We also did a lot of extra stuff to get what we wanted.
Be prepared to replace the Aircon, oven and a number of smaller items. We opted not to have an aircon in the end.
Gas compliance cost about $3,500 which included the new oven.

We spent about$23,000 all up at Lifestyle on things like TV & cabinetry plus solar etc as well as all the work involved to get it to comply after we got it back to NZ.
WOF was no issue but we had Murry McPherson and his team at Lifestyle sort it all.

When purchasing make sure the Trailer is under 2.5m wide if it is over you cannot tow on NZ roads (It should measure about 2.4m to be safe.

The trailer hitch ball size is different to NZ so we purchased an Equal-i-zer 4-Point Sway Control Trailer Hitch which was fitted in the US and this comes with a towball.
Have a look at the hitch on u-tube. We got this also to help with stability and it only cost a few hundred dollars.

Be prepared for a 1-2 month timeframe for shipping (Ours went via Perth) and a week or so in NZ customs. It came off the boat without a scratch.
Hope this helps.
Regards Phil
 #148605  by canfixltd
 Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:54 pm
they are plenty on people that have done this but once you have it in the country, expect a lot of time to get everything sorted,
the rules for the road are just the starting point, and this is a big caravan, you will need a big unit to tow it, having a vehicle over 20 years help with cost but it come down to what they rate everything at HERE in NZ, find a good engineer for advise to certify it,
energy safety will also want the electric sorted, and do not forget the gas too, gas systems from the USA do not always comply!!
you probably will need to replace the water heater to start with??
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