#127110  by markcraven
 Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:41 pm
can confirm that any fixed wiring from an inverter is then classed as installation and needs a registered and licensed electrician, electrical engineer or inspector. Think you might have a typo error mattn it's ASNZS 3001 2008.
 #127143  by RaymonD
 Mon May 01, 2017 10:38 am
Inverters do create a bit of a thinking exercise re the electrical wiring regs, I had a vehicle that had permanent wiring, ie heavy duty extension lead, to all power fittings, from a protected switchboard, an extension lead then went from the switch board to a 3 pin socket on the inverter, and yes, it was given an electrical COF....
 #127288  by Tim_n_Mal
 Thu May 04, 2017 9:05 pm
Hey Guys n Gals

Thank you for the detailed replies they are very much appreciated.

For mounting things under the vehicle what counts as chassis structure. Obviously the main chassis rails but what about the floor structure for the box. While i was looking at a truck the other day i noticed some very convenient looking ribs running under the floor.

Regarding the size of the vehicle. We are conscious of the fact that space will be limited but we wanted to keep the vehicle reasonably small overall. We are pretty keen to check out some of the more remote corners of NZ.

As for the gas. Now that we have been shown the light of efficient compressor fridges there is not really anything other than cooking we would be using gas for (we do not plan to include a califont for a shower at the moment but this may change). Would we get away with just using standard (i.e. from factory) lines from the gas bottle (in a sealed & vented enclosure) to the cooker?

We will probably be returning to a home base every month (give or take). Do the claims of composting toilets lasting a couple for a month stack up or are they exaggerated.

 #127997  by wahlet
 Tue May 23, 2017 11:58 pm
Aaron all the user reviews I have seen for the leading urine separating composting toilets (Nature's Head and Airhead) suggest 1 month solids capacity for 2 people is achievable. The cheaper C-Head (or its small cousin Boonjon) fill more often because the solids aren't mashed as fine (sorry) and therefore composting is slower.

Urine jug has to be emptied much more often, every couple of days.

I aim to get one of these soon, haven't settled on which one. They're certainly not cheap.
 #128164  by Mark S.
 Sat May 27, 2017 2:23 pm
Size wise you can go virtually anywhere in NZ with 7m. Box van good if insulated one. Remember if GVM exceeds 6 t you need H/T. Gas fridge brilliant (don't have to use other two elec) we have had one 26 years, never a problem. Elec fridges need extra solar. If you can, install a little cracker fire, as they are cheap to run and produce heat and you can cook on them if patient. Composting loos very expensive. For $300 fit a marine toilet into a black tank and flush with grey and everything goes at once (no natures walk every couple of days.) There are also vacuum toilets same set up.Mount toilet straight on top of waste tank, makes easy.
Rest, more knowledgeable guys have answered tech stuff. Never too much solar in winter.
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