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PostPosted:Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:25 am
by vansvilla
There has been mentioned in a few places now ( FB, so it must be true!!!) that CSC done under the original standard will expire on 1/2/2018 when amendment 2 comes into effect.
Then others say that only those with non complying toilets need to be re certified.
The question is, I guess, what arrangements are in place to cover the transition?
Have short term certificates been issued? Do all those with certs issued prior to the date the amendment was signed need to be recertified?
There has been a lot of info about the new standard but little about it's implementation.
Do the blue stickers on current complying vehicles but not complying under amendment 2 self destruct on 1/2/2018.


PostPosted:Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:03 am
by Nut17
John, my understanding is that all certificates issued have a four year lifespan and those issued immediately prior to the introduction of the new rules will enjoy a full four years of the old standard. So we will have a four year transition period before everyone needs to comply with the new standard. However, I will happily be proved incorrect but this is what I gleaned from the info supplied so far.

This copied from the open area of the NZMCA news on the subject hints to a possible shorter time frame in becoming compliant with the new standard.

"While the new requirement around useable toilets is the key aspect of the amendment, other revisions include provision of a reasonable period for non-complying vehicles to transition to the new level and a change to how many testing officers are required to do initial vehicle checks."



PostPosted:Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:16 am
by vansvilla
Did some more searching and found this;

Transitional arrangement under Amendment No.2 31/05/2017 any subsequent warrants issued under the old (Amendment No.1) re toilets will only be valid until 1/02/2018. Certificates / warrant cards issued in accordance with the new standard will be valid for 48 months as per normal.

Goes a little way to explaining it. Guess that CSC officers within the Assn have been appraised of this but wonder how the other people who are able to carry out checks get on.