#145209  by StephenD
 Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:12 pm
Hi.. Does anyone know the regulations around Plexiglass side windows.. ??

Last time I went for a COF they told me that a small side window in my bus/motorhome was non-complying because it did not have a Window Standards marking.. despite it being the same window over the last 3 years of COFs that I've had the bus.. :-(

But as I read the NZTA rule on glazing it says the following..
Mandatory equipment
1. Refer to general vehicle pages.

2. A glazing marking required in Table 5-1-8 or Table 5-1-9 is missing, except for hard plastic glazing behind the driver’s seat in a vehicle manufactured before 1 January 1991.

I interpret behind to mean not in front of drivers seat.. eg not able to affect the driver in the event of any accident.. my window in question is way at the back of the bus above a bed..

Any suggestions.. ?? My bus is a 1989
 #145211  by BUSRSQ
 Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:05 pm
Well you could try taking a print out on that ruling in ( but dont be all nah nah nah told you so) ask for clarification.
I know why the rule was put in place ( people were using household windows in their home built house buses)
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