#22257  by mazz1972
 Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:13 pm
vansvilla wrote:Hi, the nearest ones I can see are in Hawkes Bay, so you can either travel or start ringing around local plumbers till you find one.

There is NZ Standard which applies, -- NZS 5465:2001, The Standard for self containment of caravans and motor vans. Tells you what is required,this may be available on line, through the ministry of environment web site,

Good luck
Hi & thanks John
Will ring around when we get it sorted - winter project!
I have a copy of the regs.
Cheers :)
 #22308  by Redfox
 Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:48 pm
Just to set the record straight, Non members of NZMCA can have their vans certified self/contained but they must pay a fee to NZMCA for the privilage, where as financial members vehicles are certified at no charge.
Also the original s/cont inspection must be carried out by two s/c testing persons, vans presented for s/c renewal only need to be checked by one testing person.
Regd plumbers can do the original check by themselves but this would be at a charge from them.

Regards to all

 #26289  by Van Campa
 Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:12 pm
How much is the fee Roger?
I am planning to get that certificate soon as I get my finances sorted.
In the mean time I just use my portable toilet as usual and use the free dumping stations.
I probably get a gringe from you self-contained people but for dishes I use very little water and very little eco-friendlly dish washing liquid. One small bottle last me a year :mrgreen: But I let the water straight trough to the grass :oops:
Probably better than dumping the litres of grey water to the sewerage system which ends to the sea? The microbes in the grass digest my grey water and probably helps the grass grow.
 #26922  by Van Campa
 Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:32 pm
I could bear the cost of inspection being $55 for non-members.

One thing I am worried about is that the sticker would be clear giveaway betraying the van as a campervan.
No more stealth having that green sticker :(

And this would also mean more tailgaters on the highways. My van without stickers and too many others features, not looking like a camper, is often mistaked to a Police speed camera van and many drivers keep respectful distance behind me. ;)

Perhaps I could have the self-containment sticker on front on the top of the dash?
 #26929  by razor
 Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:05 pm
dont put the green sticker on its not compolsry and you will have your certificate that you could display in the window in a pocket
 #27428  by NZMCA RMC
 Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:58 pm
Mazz1972, looks like you have received some good advice from other members.

I believe the blue/white warrant you have is the MfE version (link http://www.mfe.govt.nz/issues/waste/freedom-camping/). This means another issuing authority inspected your vehicle. Do you know the name of the issuing authority? Should be on the warrant. The Standard requirements haven't changed since 2001 so I am a little concerned that an issuing authority is signing these off when the recheck identified issues with plumbing.

The Standard is adminstered by the Ministry of the Environment (not NZMCA as many still believe), so anyone is welcome to contact an issuing authority to have their vehicle inspected. The NZMCA has extended its inspection services to non-members for a very long time, but only recently have we decided to advertise it.

On the green sticker, members are correct that it is not complusory under the Standard (yet!). It was created in Nov2008 to assist enforcement officers identify from a distance those that are CSC without having to refer to the warrant and peer through the front windscreen. If you can, it's better to display one (on the rear) to make it easier for the enforcement officers and yourselves. Otherwise you may get a knock on the door every time you park up. We are working on a proposal to amend the Standard and adopt the green sticker (or something similar to it).

 #27490  by vansvilla
 Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:51 am
May I suggest that the green sticker be also affixed to the front of the vehicle as well.
Quite often, the luton style campers back up to the scene they are visiting, consequently the green sticker is not able to be seen from the road and provide the quick and easy confirmation of CSC status when driving by.
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