#64134  by vansvilla
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:15 pm
Hi Jan or Bruce,

i should think that given;
" For example, ours reads 2% high (i.e. we are paying for more kilometres than we actually travel) and this varies with tyre pressure, tyre make and amount of tread remaining." then 2% would be acceptable.

That's 200Km per 10,000Km,

I have checked mine via GPS and the error is less than that, hence my comment.

i would still maintain that they are probably the most accurate way of measuring distance, I know my odo overreads by about 10% so are quite happy with my hubo.
 #64142  by Justintime
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:52 pm
If you were to fit larger tyres and the hubo was under reading, do you still think LTNZ would ignore that, or would they require reimbursement?

 #64150  by idex
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:52 pm
I notice on the COF inspection form that they record both hubometer and odometer readings, no doubt so someone can make sure they're both in sync. I wonder how long it would take for LTSA to contact you if your hubometer suddenly started regularly lagging the odometer reading?

The meters are rated in revolutions per kilometer and it looks to me as if the model selection was initially based on some American tyre sizes which are slightly larger outside diameter than those available here. 2% over-reading represents 200 kilometers for every 10,000km actually travelled.

I don't accept that a 2% over-recording is OK.
 #64164  by Justintime
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:20 pm
idex wrote:I don't accept that a 2% over-recording is OK.
Given the prices they are charging for RUC, I would have to agree with you. I have a different beef because we have three small diesel cars which get charged the same RUC as large SUV's. This has the effect of inflating the effective price of diesel for those vehicles. The logical solution for the vast majority of us is to tax diesel at source the same as petrol, and therefore the more you use, the more you pay. All these discussions about hubometers, odometers etc would then be irrelevant. No matter what excuses they make, I am sure the reason this is not done is because RUC is a very effective tool at dragging more money out of vehicle owners in advance.

Cheers, Dene
 #64166  by Nut17
 Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:14 am
I saw a bar graph recently showing the the weight groups and associated revenue created from each group. I cannot remember the exact details, but can remember that the greatest revenue gathering segment was then, the popular "up to 3000kg" bracket (now 3500kg) with over half of all RUC Tax coming from this segment. I doubt that they will tamper with this "cash cow" in the foreseeable future.
 #64189  by Romany Rambler
 Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:18 pm
I am sure all the off road diesel users would be up in arms if diesel was taxed at source like petrol because they would then have to apply for a rebate. Can't see them or the Govt agreeing to that!

 #64195  by Justintime
 Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:27 pm
Remember that farmers tend to use diesel utes, and they already have this issue when the ute is used on the farm.

 #64389  by Rosemary&Peter
 Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:52 am
Thought I'd add a cautionary tale to this thread.

A month ago did the COF and checked to see if more RUCs were needed...wouldn't want to get caught out.

OMG!!! :o :shock: :o

Hubodometer had died since last cof...still reading the same. Did some sums and figured we owed for some 4000ks.

New hubo, paid what we owed and bought some new ks....ridiculously easy process at VTNZ.

Should have known too good to be true.

Got letter from Land Transport....who on decommissioning of old hubo had done calculations back to 2009...and figured that we had done some 20,000 k's more than we have paid for!!!!!!!!!!!

They reckon old hubo was reading way less than should have been.

Now, I admit to have not been obssessively looking at odo and hubodo and calculating difference...I just check hubo and RUC sticker and if getting close to running out and go buy more.....but to have lost a whole 20,000Ks...somewhere along the way....yeah, nah!

Odo and new hubo now in sync. Will hunt through past COF forms to see if at some stage the odo had jumped up considerably....perhaps one of those particularly bumpy roads we did could have perhaps buggered the odo??? I don't know.

Admit to being in a state of shock, as $968 is not going to fall out of the sky any time.

Realize there is no way to prove we haven't done that extra 20, 000 ks...so I would say we're pretty much screwed.

Peter and I reckon that we could have perhaps done 10,000 ks more than what we have paid for....but even that is stretching credulity.

Oh woe is me!!!

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