#64419  by Roamnz
 Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:34 pm
Rosemary have you considered asking the RUC people ever so politely for a print-out, showing the mileage recorded at each COF visit? If you do not have each and every COF VTNZ / VINZ carbon copy, the RUC print out will give you this same imformation.

The RUC office should also be able to give you a print-out showing when and how many kms you purchased at each RUC renewal. If you are told that these two print-outs are not available possibly ask to be put through to someone higher up the chain.

Having these two prints-out you should be able to correlate the two together and get a better idea of how much you do owe. As Bruce says it can be a protracted process but there can be light at the end of the tunnel. If you gather all your details together and have the patience to keep on at them and challenge them if you know you are right, you can win, but you need to be able to prove your point with back up paper work.

Or you could just pay-up, save your self a lot of grief and live off baked beans for the forseeable future! :oops:
 #64444  by Rosemary&Peter
 Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:22 pm
Peter is a compulsive filer, so we have the COF copies, and the Powers That Be have furnished us with the odo and hubo readings...pretty conclusive that the hubo was seriously malfunctioning since 2009. Somewhere we have the RUC stickers and probably the application form copies as well.

The only real grounds for complaint against Land Transport is that there should be some flagging system on their computer that when the numbers come in indicating a MAJOR discrepancy between the hubo and odo readings, bells ring and red lights flash.

Looks like the baked bean option...perhaps there is a method of utilising the by - products of digestion to run the Bus? :oops: :ugeek:

I am trying to be philosophical, and accepting having to pay up....but hell....it hurts!

And, we have wracked our brains, checked our log book, rounded approximate milages over the past six years up to the nearest 100ks...and we are still don't seem to be able to accout for about 10,000 ks. That's one hell of a trip we can't recall!!!!
 #65344  by WoodyZ
 Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:19 am
I have just today had a different outcome. Recently my work trailer came into close contact with a tree in a clients entryway which successfully modified the hubo mounts. I repaired the mounts and refitted the hubo and went about my business but by chance some days later noticed that a 50km trip I had made had nor recorded on the hubo correctly so after a couple more trips with the same thing I purchased a new hubo, going through the drama of filling out the paperwork. Why they insisted on me supplying a reading for the odometer on the application sheet I have no idea, after all trailers don't have one. They wanted the tugs odometer but didn't want the rego of the tug to identify what vehicle it was :shock:

Anyway, I paid up and just two days ago took it through a COF check with no drama but this morning in the mail was an account from NZTA for about $170 for short paid RUC with an accompanying calculation sheet which I spent some considerable time trying to decipher before I noticed what I thought was an anomaly in the Paid Up To Km, quick trip up to the truck to get the old RUC Licence and sure enough they had based the calculation on me having paid up to 24272 when in fact I had paid to 34272.

On the phone, identified myself to a nice young man, told him what the problem was but as thinking is obviously above his pay scale he transferred me to a very efficient sounding (and officious sounding - at least initially) lady who explained to me that this notice was generated because I had replaced my hubo and the distance discrepancy had shown up then blah blah blah, if I have a problem, download the form and detail how I have been using the trailer etc etc etc. I managed to call a halt to her spiel with several "now hang on a minutes" and told her that the numbers on the form were just plain wrong by 10000 km. An instant change in attitude was apparent with an "Oh dear, so they are, can I get back to you?"

Some 5 minutes later, a return call telling me to please ignore the invoice, all sorted, a refund of almost $170 will be on its way to me. I even got an apology.
 #65349  by Rosemary&Peter
 Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:08 pm
Well done Neil! Who's a happy camper then? Mumble grumble.

Funny you should post today.

Got another menacing letter from NZTA the other day..."sign this or else" type.

So on todays 'to do list' was to write to the nice people and tell them since they knew the hub was faulty since October 2009...some eight COFs went through without a red flag being raised even though they collect all the relevant data and record the fact the hubo is innaccurrate, I was intending on paying one eighth of the $986 owing each time I do a COF over the next four years.

That'll learn 'em!

Been doing research into 'how to bugger up your hub odometer".

Avoid the rumble edge on the left side of the road....no more pulling over to let the ducklings pass. One truckie reckons any more than a few seconds with your wheel on the bumps can knacker a hubo.

The other was the nasty, bumpy, potholey, scrungy bits, again on the left, that you've dirven over before you knew they were there.

Like a judder bar taken too fast....dynamite on what it appears is a delicate piece of measuring equipment.
 #65365  by WoodyZ
 Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:31 pm
I was talking to a local businessman a few days ago about this very subject. In a previous existence he was a mechanic for a trucking firm who I also worked for in a completely different capacity. He knew exactly where to tap one to upset it, however the local cops also knew the trick and how to check it - stalemate. :)
 #65881  by oorda
 Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:56 pm
As promised please find attached the dispensation for the hubometer on my Motor Home.

[The extension pdf has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

 #65903  by markandirene
 Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:19 pm
[quote="Roamnz"]Rosemary have you considered asking the RUC people ever so politely for a print-out, showing the mileage recorded at each COF visit?

I am sure that if you log in to www.carjam.co.nz and enter your rego number, you will see your hubo reading in chronological order of your COF checks, along with some other history.
Check it out.

If you are not a subscriber to carjam, you can log on with your email address which allows you temporary limted access to the site.
 #65914  by Rosemary&Peter
 Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:53 pm
The nice NZTA folk did send me a print out of the hubo and odo readings from the past 9 COFs....even though having an operational(never mind accurate) hubo or odo is not a requirement for a COF.

This data, it transpires, is collected so that NZTA can monitor, remotely, the accuracy of your hubo.

It would have been nice...a courtesy even, for them to send a wee note(easy done, they send one when the rego is due), something along the lines of..." Dear Rosemary, This is a wee note to inform you that according to our calculations based on readings collected by our agents at the time of you COF inspections over the past two years, you hubodometer seems well and truly ffffaulty. We are sure you are not aware of this, as being a responsible and honest person...always paying your rego on time and ensuring your vehicle has a current CoF and you have never allowed the numbers on your hubo to exceed the maximum distance on you RUC license...you have merely made the common mistake of not constantly comparing the hubo and odo readings to ensure accurate tracking of the former. Love, NZTA."

Oh no. Instead, after trying to tick all the boxes and follow all the processes that the NZTA agent told me I had to do when I discovered the hubo was dead...paid what I was told I owed and bought more ks to initiate the new hubo, they send me a nasty note demanding $$$ with menaces and quoting the Act....sign this Liability Agreement or else!!!

The Act, however, it turns out, does not specifically state that for this type of vehicle, the owner has to regularly compare the odo and hubo readings. The only reading that is of concern when buying RUC ks is the hubo reading.

I await a reply. 8-) :x :-|
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