#122483  by bigdave
 Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:40 pm
does anybody know what these new rules are regards toilets they have to be able to be used inside the truck or van what interests me is whats the minimum size .......rgrds using the toilet inside...or is there a possibility that some small vans that have a self containment certificate may not get another due to size... :oops:
 #122490  by mattn
 Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:56 am
Toilet must be useable with bed made up. Yes, the rules mean some previously certified vehicles may no longer meet the standard. Unlike virtually every other fitness for purpose/safety system in place (WoF/CoF, Electrical, Gas etc) there is no recognition of earlier compliance.

The draft standard is open for public comment until 20th Feb on the Standards NZ website.
 #122491  by beanpole
 Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:14 am
There are no "new" rules as yet.
I am at the moment reading the draft to amend the NZ Standard to provide a more easily interpreted method of ensuring that a portable toilet is usable (and secured when travelling) within a vehicle when required.

The original concern was that some vehicles were being certified as compliant when they were just "equipped" with a toilet. i.e. sitting on the front seat still in the wrapping, the rear of the vehicle was all bed and no headroom and so on.
This was seen as a loophole by some as it became a well known fact that the toilet would/could never be used within the vehicle when required.
As long as there is sufficient space, head room and elbow room to do the paperwork within the vehicle, and without dismantling half the vehicle for access to the toilet, it should pass.

All existing warrants will remain valid until their inscribed expiry date.

There is a proposed "lead in" period of 1 year to 1 Feb 2018 to enable those vehicles requiring new or rechecks that do not comply, to alter the internal configuration to meet the proposed amendment. If a vehicle is checked within that period, and does not comply, it will only be issued with a warrant that expires on 31 Jan 2018.

There may be a considerable number of vehicles that will never comply with the proposed access requirements so will obviously fail the check.
 #128680  by bigdave
 Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:50 pm
I see the new rules are out...in regards what machines get a self containment certificet and what don't. come in on jan 2018 I think there has to be room to use toilet with bed fully there .its small cars and vans they seem to want to stop ..we will see.
 #128686  by Mark S.
 Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:54 pm
There needs to be a major revamp. In S.I. recently, saw a Mitsubishi legnum with CSC issued in Waikato. Toilet was a bucket with a lid used outside beneath a micky mouse awning off the roof rack. Also saw a town ace with similar set up. Another town ace with no front seat, two people and toilet sitting where seat should be. Three identical Hi Aces all low tops with Akl plumber issued CSC. Open sliding door, fold foam mattress back tip up hinged portion of ply corner, use, then reverse. None of these were club members but I feel all the years of pushing to CSC are being eroded by these fly by nighters.
I should point out all had blue stickers and all had windscreen labels.
One girl also told me CSC labels were available on internet and also window stickers.
Now that there is no CSC club officer doing privates (from 8th May) maybe we need a rethink on existing blue labels.
 #128705  by RaymonD
 Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:49 pm
How can a car be csc ??
 #128708  by mattn
 Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:15 pm
A car cannot be issued a valid CSC as the vehicle has to primarily designed for sleeping in. So the question is not how can it have one, its who issued it, and more importantly, what can be done about it. In the absence of a controlling government department, best course of action would be report such concerns to the NZMCA, who can take appropriate action.

To those who decide they see a sticker and think it cannot possible be issued legitimately, what skills and authority do you have to decide this? Do you apply those skills fairly and without bias to all vehicles you see with a CSC sticker. Do yo also check there WoF and EWoF while you are at it? The NZMCA president recently asked members to avoid this behavior for some very good reasons.

All that said, I think there is a more important point - the unwavering reliance most have on CSC as a way to decide if the operator is abiding by the rules is fundamentally flawed.
 #128710  by bigdave
 Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:18 pm
well just for my own comfort I would not use a car or something very small .....I am sure even with the new rules........there will be vans etc. not flash expensive things. that will be converted and be legal and able to get a correct sticker of self containment. I can see if you had a small car and a toilet in it some cauld not be bothered using it...and go outside.........that's where the problem is.
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