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 Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:08 pm
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There is at this time a petition circulating online in Australia calling on the Australian government to bring tighter regularity measures into the caravan and motorhome manufacturing industry in Australia. Currently there is very little in the way of regulations, those that are in place are self governing by the caravan and motorhome manufacturers individually themselves. Although there are a number of very good manufacturers in Australia there are an increasing number of cowboys who are fleecing the unsuspecting RV vehicle purchaser, simply because of the lack of any reasonable regulatory system.

This topic and this petition may not be of interest to the majority here in New Zealand. We would ask if that is the case for you by all means read the rest of this post, but please do not start an argument as to the right or wrong of all things relating to the RV manufacturing industry and new RV vehicles whether here or in Australia.

If however this topic is of interest to you, you may own a caravan or motorhome currently in Australia, you may be contemplating purchasing one in the future or even if you know of a friend or relative who has been financially disadvantaged after purchasing an Australian caravan or motorhome that subsequently proved to be a ‘Lemon,’ please give some thought to supporting this petition with your signature by way of this link, please note it may take a few seconds for the petition to download:

https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Bu ... ?id=EN0400

Please follow the process through to the point where you will receive an email which you then need to verify your signing of the petition.

Many people in Australia have been ‘blinded by the bling,’ often they are first time buyers, they been cajoled into parting with their hard earned cash to purchase their retirement or holiday dream of a new caravan or motorhome. While things are going great that is wonderful, but when things go wrong, when it is found that the vehicle is unroadworthy, when water ingress starts to appear, when appliances, wiring or the under carriage or chassis fails within a reasonable time after purchase and the dealer or manufacturer doesn’t want to know, these unfortunate people are finding their warranties are not worth the paper they are written on. Taking legal action to get faults rectified, to have the vehicle replaced if the faults show the vehicle is not roadworthy or even the drastic step of obtaining a refund can be a very lengthy, stressful, expensive process in Australia.

Often the buyer does not have the finances or the business knowledge or contacts to launch a legal challenge to rectify their problems. The unscrupulous dealers and manufacturers know this and deny the buyer any course of redress unless they resort to a legal challenge. This can take years to achieve if at all, even if the finance is available to mount a challenge.

As mentioned at the start of this thread, this topic will not be of interest to a great number of NZ caravaners and motorhomers. The majority of us will have RV vehicles that this does not apply to therefore it will not be necessary for you to comment on this thread. There will be people who will never ever buy a brand new RV vehicle,
others will never ever buy an imported RV vehicle, while others will never ever in their lifetime, buy an RV vehicle that was made after 1950, etc etc. that is all well and good, that is not what this thread is about.

And for the many thousands of us who the majority of the time have trouble free motorhoming, just thank your lucky stars that you didn’t end up with a Lemon RV, no matter where or when it was built!
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