#147880  by Drifting
 Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:39 pm
Hi Folks.
I have lately purchased a 2nd/3/4th hand ex Maui/CI Munro 2008 Navigator 4 Berth Camper Van. Sprinter.
At the door it has a 3 gang light switch unit,
1 - Top switch: Aux Sw1 - Rope
2 - Middle switch: Awning/HL( Grab Handle) Lights.
3 - Bottom switch: Step light.

At the moment I cannot find what the Rope Switch is for. Names are from the labels on the wires.
Has any one come across the this (Rope) before.

The Grab handle is also defective, but as it may require the shower being dismantled it can wait.

Any help appreciated
 #152862  by Drifting
 Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:10 am
Finally found the answer for the Rope Light Switch.
I was working on the Fridge and gas Stove late one night and happened to play with all the switches as I was exiting the van.
Low and behold a faint light emitted from behind the upper cabinets. On checking there is a length of LED Rope lighting behind the cabinets.
Obviously during normal daylight they were too faint to see.

Now I just have to fix the Door Handle Light (Full replacement ) and remove all the silastic that is holding the old wires in.

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