#153163  by NeilV
 Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:41 am
LiFePo4 are NOT a ‘drop in’ replacement battery, so your whole system must be assessed as some things are VERY different about LiFePo4 batteries!

This will be a thread designed to help people new to LiFePo4 batteries to understand and design their own LifePo4 system, as I have had lots of online research to do when designing mine. There are obviously lots of other articles on Lifepo4, but it was quite hard to find experienced information on MH application, so this is an attempt to collate well informed ideas, rather than opinions or specific recommendations.

Please only add or link additional information in this thread, to keep discussion ‘clean’ for new beginners. (Perhaps add links here to other applicable discussion threads as appropriate?)

Lifepo4 for Beginners YouTube
... in easy layman’s English
NB the specific devices used are not necessarily the ‘ideal’ ones, but it gives a very good intro into system design.

A series of detailed discussions on Lifepo4 system design and battery protection by an electrical engineer (good understanding of basic circuits required)

http://nordkyndesign.com/category/marin ... y-systems/

A VERY detailed discussion of DIY LiFePo4 systems on boats (entirely applicable to Motorhomes or RV)<br/>

Adding alternator charging has another whole series of potential issues of its own, but here’s the basic problem (and some possible solutions)
 #153178  by NeilV
 Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:33 am
A straightforward explanation by the guru Collyn Rivers:
http://autotrailusers.nz/ForumFiles/101 ... %20RVs.pdf
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