#5418  by Freda
 Mon May 11, 2009 9:42 pm
Hi. Has anyone got a cleaver way of fabricating a frame for a solar panel that can be tilted left or right. At this stage I am thinking of 1 120w panel on the front of bus. Thought it might be good to be able to tilt at 45deg either way, depending on witch way your facing.
I havent given it to much thought yet but would like some suggestions. Seen the odd bus on trade me with panels tilted. Just wondering how they pivot and can you tilt them from the ground :?
 #5436  by Van Campa
 Tue May 12, 2009 1:36 pm
Hi Tony & Liz,

Maybe a wind up system like on roof vents? It needs to be quite strong. Also would need a warning buzzer so when driving it would be wound down.
 #5439  by Gay'zin
 Tue May 12, 2009 1:53 pm
Hi Freda,

Could you make up one frame for all your solar panels to fit in (see we want to have posibilities for 3) and then have them mounted to something like a sizzor jack on each side so you can wind which ever side you want up and if you can reach it through a vent like Van Campa said....might work
 #5444  by John&Helen
 Tue May 12, 2009 2:25 pm
OK, Ive made a rough sketch of the sweet & easy design I viewed at Rakaia Gorge in the Easter just gone.

Basically, you secure four pad bolts to the rear of the Solar Panel. You can either use an Aluminium or wooden frame to hold the Solar Panel, then secure the Pad bolts to the Frame.

The hoop parts of the Pad Bolt are secured to another two lengths of timber. Keep everything in line of course!

When you slide home the upper or lower "bolts", the Solar Panel can now Pivot on the Bolts. All that required now, is another small length of timber to act as a prop to angle the Solar Cells to the angle you require.

When you want to move on, remove the prop, lay down the Solar cell, then slide home the retracted Bolts so all 4 bolts hold down the Solar Panel.

So, no mater which way you are parked East/West, sliding home one set of Pad Bolts will allow you to pivot the Solar cell to the direction you need. All it takes is a minute to climb of the roof, undo a set of pad bolts, prop up the cells and your done for the duration of your stay.

Other more elaborate designs here.
http://rvtravel.com/blog/boondocking/20 ... ls_09.html


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