#98762  by Graham Jones
 Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:20 pm
We have an American Airstream Land Yacht, we purchased it 2 1/2 years ago and have just been told the gas cylinder doesn't comply with NZ standards, and the certification ran out two years ago, which we didn't know about. Sooo we can't get any gas. has anyone any info about removing and replacing a large permanent gas cylinder. We have been told they can not be brought in from overseas as they will not comply and no one seems to sell them in NZ. Has anyone ever changed form this type of cylinder to smaller bottles that can just be exchanged, and if so do they work ok. thanks, Graham
 #98780  by Minnie
 Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:41 pm
I take it you have an automotive style tank but with a vapour draw-off to fuel your installation? You fill it from an LPG bowser like you would for an LPG fuelled car?

Strictly speaking, you should never have been allowed to fill the tank. All gas cylinders and tanks must be "approved" (certified) and have a LAB number stamped on them by the certifier. It is against the law to fill a cylinder that doesn't have a LAB number.

There have been vapour draw-off automotive tanks certified in NZ — Manchester is a brand that springs to mind.

But I am also led to understand that you can have your tank certified as a one-off. You need to contact a "periodic tester". You can find them by looking up "periodic tester" here: http://www.epa.govt.nz/search-databases ... earch.aspx

This may be expensive (don't really know) and it may be cheaper to manifold a series of cylinders.
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